Rhian Cahill

You can read my official bio HERE and while you’re there you can check out my books HERE.

What can I tell you about me? Well I like to talk. A lot! *grin* I hang out all over the place looking for a good chat. You can find me on my Blog, Twitter, Facebook and Heat Wave Readers. Feel free to stop on by any of those and say hi.

When I’m not busy chatting I’m writing. I love romance but I especially love HOT romance. None of this closing the door crap. For me passion is a huge part of a relationship and love story so how could I leave that out when I’m writing? Mr. Muse tends to keep me on my toes and he’s never satisfied with working on one thing at a time, which is why my wip folder is overflowing and the Tribe isn’t being fed. Good thing I don’t sleep much.

I love to hear from readers (see paragraph about chatting above) so don’t be shy, drop by my blog, send me an email or hunt me down on Twitter or Facebook.


Find out more about Rhian at www.rhiancahill. com

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