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Unnatural, Twisted, Wicked, Carnal

10 Jun


These were just some of the adjectives that bubbled to the top of a very productive TBS (Title Brainstorming Session). I have a love-hate relationship with this part of the writing process. The guiding rule is that a title must grab the reader’s attention while hinting at the theme and/or genre of the story. Sounds easy enough for a wordsmith to accomplish, especially with a good thesaurus.

But there are a few stumbling blocks along the path to the perfect title. Some words are so overused, they’re no longer effective or they’ve become associated so strongly with a particular genre that using them for a different genre would mislead a reader even if it is quite relevant to the story being named. And just when you think you have the definitive title for your book, you search Amazon and find that a dozen other authors have already used it. Though duplication is nearly impossible to avoid, you don’t want to be one of twenty, especially if they are fairly new releases, nor do you want to copy a title used by a prominent author.

With all that in mind, the end result of my TBS was four new titles for my previously published “Lust and Lies” series of romantic suspense novels – UNNATURAL RELATIONS, TWISTED HUNGER, WICKED OBSESSIONS and CARNAL VENGEANCE.  I’ll soon be able to share the sexy covers being designed to go with those words but for now, I hope you enjoy the images I found to decorate this post.

Just for fun I threw in an old one of me and Steve Sandalis, the Topaz Man who graced quite a few of my older romance novels.

If you have some favorite romantic suspense title words, I’d love to hear them!

Coming July 4…SERVING NICOLE, the first book in the magickal, multi-author series, “Passion’s Portal”. Stay tuned for news about the super-cool, interactive website being created for this series!

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