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Oh My GOD!

11 Sep

Oh  My  GOD… That was all I could say.

Not when I saw this  picture …




It was when I saw THIS image… 

 Ten years ago, Americans from across the country watched in disbelief and horror as the 9/11 tragedy unfolded.

 We watched with whomever and wherever we could, many hoping for some shred of news about missing friends and loved ones.

 Around those TV sets, strangers became friends and the entire country, a country that had heretofore never experienced a foreign act of war on its home soil, united for a common cause…Surviving 9/11.

 My blog is usually light-hearted and funny, but when I realized that my regular blog date would fall on 9/11, I knew that today’s post would have to be different.

 In respect and observance of the day, I am PURPOSELY posting this after the live coverage of the 9/11 Memorial dedication concludes.

For comments, I’d like to know where YOU were on 9/11/01 and if you’d like, please share your personal 9/11 stories.

 Here at Passionate Reads, we write romantic fiction with super sexy heroes and heroines that keep us turning the pages until we reach “The End.”

  There is, however, a difference between a fictional hero/heroine and those who are truly HEROIC.

It is THAT difference has kept us turning the pages of our lives for the past ten years.

  I leave you on this day, the 10th anniversary of 9/11, with images that are TRULY HEROIC.





Some have been seen before as Resuce and Recover teams worked for months sifting through the rubble…



Other images are of those you might not know,




but who have been at the vanguard of the army of people …

…who have hepled rebuild

Ground Zero. 







The final images of the 9/11 Memorial, though not the END by any means, at least offers a place to mourn and some closure for the families whose loved ones were lost…


I’d also like to leave you with these words:

 “In God We Trust” and “United We Stand”



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