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Farewell and Many Blessings…

17 Apr

Dandilian farewellDear readers,

After much discussion and attention to the long range plans of the authors on this blog, we’ve decided it’s time to shut the doors on Passionate Reads. We’ve enjoyed connecting with you and sharing our tales. For me as one of the newest bloggers here, it’s been a great experience and honor to post on the blog, and I’m so grateful for the opportunity to connect with you all.

But for now, we must stay goodbye and turn our attention not only to our individual blogs, but our writing too. You can find us all at the links below and the best part is most of us regularly blog at these places.

Nara Malone
Tea and Strumpets

Nara’s Nook
Therian Verse

Marilyn Campbell

Siobhan Muir:
The Weird, the Wild, & the Wicked
Buy a Book, Tell a Friend

Brandi Evans

Shannon Emmel
Shannon’s Blog

Thank you all for joining us on this blog. Take care, be well, and stop by our respective blogs. If you follow them, you can get announcements when we post. Thanks again, and many blessings.

Enter the Dream World of OpenSim Interactive Fiction

20 Feb

Have you heard of interactive fiction? Years ago it started with those old Choose-Your-Own-Adventure novels where the authors had written multiple endings and paths to get through the story depending on which choice the reader made at the end of each chapter. It was very cool because you could get a different story each time you read it.

Now, in the Twenty-first Century, we have things like SecondLife and OpenSimulator which allow us to build actual avatars (characters) and wander around a fictional world. A new kind of Choose-Your-Own-Adventure in digital worlds.Tarot 2-3-14

This week, my good friend Nara Malone has introduced one step higher in interactive fiction. She’s asked me and several other authors to write OpenSim stories so readers can come visit, wander through our worlds, and get a story along with the adventure. You can visit Tina Glasneck’s suspense tale Letter to Charlie that takes you through Greyville Writer’s Colony, drop by Shara Lanel’s Good Karma Tarot shop, or trip across worlds (grids) to Nara Malone’s Blue Harbor. And if you like your stories a little more sensual and romantic, follow my Incubus Dream through Cloudburst, Colorado and beyond.Incubus Dream cover

How do you do this? Nara has a gift for teaching others and she’s posted a great article of how to get started. It says it’s for authors, but anyone can use the information therein to visit the Metaverse and Greyville. Greyville is where you start all the stories. Once you log in, just find the park with all the books in it and you’re off. Shara Lanel wrote a blog post on her experience and what you can expect. We’ll all be around at one time or another, time zones permitting, to answer questions or tell you the tricks we’ve learned putting this together.Dragon Temple Book intro

We hope to see you there.

For those already familiar with SecondLife and the Metaverse, you can tromp on over to Nara’s Nook and see for yourself at: world.narasnook.com:8900

Pretty Women

16 Jan

Working Girl by Nara Malone

1. Movie Night

“She’s so pretty,” I whispered.

“And she knows it,” my sister said, dragging an afghan over her daughter, concealing slim legs and new curves.

“I say study hard. I do my best to ugly her up–wrong clothes, bad haircut. All that pretty keeps punching through.”

I punched the button on the DVD player, slid Pretty Woman into its envelope.

“It’ll be okay,” I said.

Neither of us believed it.

2. Candle in the Wind

“It’s too pretty out,” my sister said.

It was. Funerals deserve a rainy day.

She leaned into me.

She didn’t ask why. We knew why.

I asked, “How?”

She was shaking her head as if denial could change results. “She ran off. Some guy gonna make her a star. You know?”

I did.

We held hands. Her nails dug crescents into my palm as dirt showered the pretty coffin.

3. A Star is Born

My sister visited the hospital. My new daughter wailed, but I couldn’t touch her.

“What’s this about?” Sissy said, bustling over to tend the baby. She froze mid-reach.

My heart fell from hope to hell, tumbled like a star. “You see it too?”

Her hands went to fists. “She looks like Arielle.”

She gathered me in her arms. We rocked each other. “This time will be different,” she promised.

I wanted to believe.

~Nara Malone

A somber 69er threesome today with the focus on verbs. The word limit of each verse made this a challenge. All I can say is that at least one of my verbs rocks. This is my contribution to dVerse Poets Meeting the Bar. Stop by and see what others wrote or to join the fun yourself.

Ode to Friday 55

21 Nov

There are days
when love of you
makes a promise
like June skies
so blue
I want to turn the earth
upside down
and dive
glide through watered silk
to gooey bottom
probing for pearls
mine irritants
transformed to
iridescent orbs
treasure to fill
quickie tales
of adventure and love.
Today wasn’t one.

~Nara Malone

This post is my contribution to dVerse Poets and G-mans Friday 55. Stop by to see what others wrote or to join the fun yourself.

Sexy in Every Way Possible

17 Oct

I’m so excited to be part of this blog. When Nara Malone invited me to be part of this blog I was so excited. I even had a fangirl moment. 😀

How did I get invited? I met Nara online two years ago and she helped me learn about the virtual world of SecondLife. She was very patient with me, especially with how nervous I was learning about meeting people and creating an avatar to navigate the online world. Thanks to that experience, when she invited me to join her virtual world of Greyville in OpenSim, I was more comfortable creating and building avatars and my own spaces.

It was fun and exciting to create my persona within this world and wander around without fear or concerns on how I looked or whether I could do things (you can actually wander around underwater without worries. Heck, you can even fly). That got me to thinking about self-image. We might see ourselves as sexy or maybe we don’t, but we always have to worry what others will think. Or we’re affected by what they tell us they think.

But in OpenSim, you can be as sexy as you feel or as you wish to be.  You can even be someone other than yourself. I’ve dressed myself up as I see myself in OpenSim and I’ve included a few photos. You can be stronger than you are in waking life, you can be thinner, fatter, taller, more elegant. Anything. You can even be sexy.

Author Shot Zach Snow2sml

You can change your look as easily as you change your clothes. Male or female, young, old, robust or slender. You can be anything.

Fredrick MacGregor  Ready to talk

All of these images were taken in my Dragon Palace at Greyville in Nara’s Nook. Drop by and pay me a visit. We’ll share stories and coffee. 🙂 Nara says it will be open by the end of October. I hope you stop by.

So if you could be anyone or anything or any way, what would you choose?

Pen to Page: #erotic #newyear #naramalone

3 Jan


You dip into me
scrawl love notes
in scented ink
across white linen

Unwritten senses
gather at my margins
Your pen transcribes
translating each
quiver, lick, thrust
to oh’s and a-h-h-h’s

Midnight poet
composing dawn’s song
a love letter we write together
on the first page of the New Year

~Nara Malone

This post is also a contribution to Friday Flash 55. Click through to see what others wrote or to join the fun yourself

SEX and Mercury Retrograde

22 Jul

The little planet Mercury went retrograde July 15th and, so far, it’s been one of the most chaotic I’ve seen in years! The very first day I had three calls from people whose computers or I-Pads crashed and one book review site went down completely.

If you’re not familiar with this astrological term, please refer to the explanation on my site – http://www.marilyncampbell.com/id26.html. However, one aspect that I have not covered before is how does this aspect affect one’s sex life?

Mercury is most commonly associated with f*#k-ups in the areas of technology and transportation, but it also rules communication. What one person says can be very different from what another person hears.

Her subtle “Do me” request may be heard as “Do me a favor and sleep in the other room tonight so I don’t have to listen to you snore.”

His simple “I’m beat” comes across as “I’ve already had sex at the office today and have nothing left for you.”

The smallest comment could become a battle of monumental proportions at this time.

So I have a suggestion for all the lovers out there. Until Mercury goes direct again on August 8, be very explicit about what you want, use your dirtiest most graphic words. Or stick to the writer’s rule of SHOW don’t TELL. Even better, let someone else’s words stand in for your own. Just find a passage in an erotic romance book that describes a scene you’d most like to act out and share it with your partner.

Wishing you all a crash-free two weeks ahead,

Marilyn Campbell

www.marilyncampbell.com; FB: AuthorMarilynCampbell; Tw: marilyncampbel3

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