Retrograde Planets

by Marilyn Campbell

Mercury going into retrograde motion in the super-busy month of December promises to stir up anything from little annoyances to major chaos! The best advice is to be aware of what Mercury affects and try to work with the energy rather than getting frustrated by it. If you’re new to the term Mercury retrograde, here’s a brief explanation.

Most people accept the concept of the moon having the power to affect Earth’s tides and growing seasons. Any emergency room nurse, firefighter or police officer will confirm how a full moon seems to alter people’s behavior patterns. That said, if one heavenly body in our solar system has an influence on us, it is likely that others might as well.

In astrology, retrograde motion refers to a planet that appears to be rotating in reverse (backward) of its natural spin. In the same way as the moon’s appearance has various phases from dark to full, retrograding bodies are only an optical illusion. However, the possible effect on Earth can be quite real. The specific problems that one may encounter are tied to the area(s) of life that the planet is believed to influence.

For instance, Mercury retrograde is rapidly becoming a phrase that explains computer glitches (any electronics/technology), communication foul-ups including contract confusion (or any legal document) and car breakdowns (transportation/travel in general). In the “Password” game, this category might be titled “things that can crash”. 

Mercury will be retro December 10-30, 2010, so it would be best to postpone important conversations, signing contracts, travel, purchases of new technology and purchases of any kind using the internet. Obviously in this gift-buying, visiting season, those last three are going to be hard to avoid. Thus, my advice is prepare for travel glitches by giving yourself extra time and check and double-check everything you order before clicking the “order” button. Sometimes it helps just to expect something to go wrong so that if it does, it’s not quite as upsetting.

Now for the positive side – Mercury Retrograde is the perfect time to do REsearch, to REview plans, to REwrite a manuscript (or do edits), REanalyze your goals and REconsider a decision you’ve been pondering. Relationship-wise, it’s a time when old loves or acquaintances might suddenly REappear and allow you to REthink what you lost or what went wrong. It often creates a circumstance that helps you look back and close the door on something or someone that neeeds to be out of your life in order for you to go forward.

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