Unleashed by April Vine


Michelle leaped from the floral embossed Victorian chair, gripped the edge of the walnut desk and dropped her chin to her chest as labored breaths somersaulted from her mouth. Her heart beat with swift speed. Her skin screamed under a raging fire.

She was having an attack.

Not a panic attack.

A sex attack.

Oh, how she vowed to strangle her aunts, wring their collective witches’ necks and put them on a diet of cabbage for as long as she lived.

She thought they’d agreed with her.

Obviously not, since they’d turned her into a raging sex fiend who without any hesitation would attack the first man who walked through the door of her antiquities shop. Not by her own doing, because how could she, twenty-six years old, staid, even-headed and collective Michelle Stein, sign up for such reckless sexual abandonment? Not ever.

She resisted the urge to squeeze her scorching nipples and the temptation to bunch up her sensible cotton panties and pull it taut against her clit. She couldn’t give in. Not while her door remained opened for business.

She wobbled out of her office to the entrance of the store. Her legs pressed together, chewing her lip in agony as the slightest movement ricocheted spasms of pleasure through her body. Her eyes fixed on the gold plated sign hanging on the inside of the glass door meters away from her. Her mission to flip it around and keep out any possible victims until the crazy her aunts bestowed upon her evaporated.

Too late.

The door swung open. Eighteenth century chimes hanging from the paneled ceiling danced in the afternoon breeze. Their former melodious jingle a sex alert siren in her ear now.

She zeroed in on a musky scent mingled with the clean self-assured aroma of pure red-blooded male. Her senses hummed. She licked her lips then swerved to a dead halt.

Bedeviled with the worst kind of heat known to any man, woman or animal for that matter, and who chose to walk into her ordinarily sedate but presently doggoned world?

Sebastian Gray.

He who broke her heart in two and didn’t even know it.

“Glitterbug,” he whispered. His gravel and silk voice spiked and inebriated her nerves. She tore her gaze away from his killer smile-curved lips and stared instead into his wicked green tinged blue eyes, teasing her the same way they did ten years ago.

Only one thought shot through her mind.

 Oh, dear, I’m going to molest Sebastian Gray.

She stepped back – her restless hands crossed over her breasts, curled around her neck and intertwined behind her back in a clammy mess. She squelched the incoherent reverberations tickling against her closed lips, afraid she’d growl at him instead.

She backtracked into her office. He followed her, his stride unhurried, lazy, unaware of the red-hot danger he seemed intent on pursuing. She held up her hand. Cease! her palm screamed at him. He closed in, his eyes narrowing at her fidgety silence.


The part of her wanting to keep him out of her office died in distress. The other part, the part her aunts had concocted wicked mischief with, purred with glee. She’d managed to lure her prey into the confined space of her office.

No, he was not her prey.

She grew up with him, fell in love with him, then realized she missed his league by a mile and a half – a gap he had no intention of closing when he left without saying goodbye. She’d beat the potion dragging her hormones on a no recourse sex fest. She’d resist him, really she would.

She opened her mouth to speak.

The will to resist him crashed and evaporated. She charged, grabbed his jacket and pulled him down to her level. Her lips assailed his gorgeous face. She kissed his beautiful eyes, licked his delicious clean-shaven jaw.

Her desperate attempts to devour his face had nil effect on his balance. His chuckle, deep and sexy, ambushed her nerves. Her teeth sunk into the fleshy part of his earlobe. Her long skirt tangled about both their limbs as she tried to climb up his six foot two tall frame.

“Glitterbug…whoa.” He forced an arm’s span distance between them. Her cheeks burned. She’d never live this day down in her life. Never.   “I’m happy to see you too. But shouldn’t we….”

Why did he insist on niceties? She wanted him naked and inside her. She pushed into his chest and toppled him onto a velvet upholstered Louis the sixteenth love seat. Her surge of foreign strength caught them both off guard.

“Talk first? I haven’t seen you in….” His voice reverberated down her spine, setting off lively celebrations in all her nerves.

“I’m sorry.” She straddled his lap, ripped his tie apart, broke the buttons off his shirt and unfastened his belt. “I’m so sorry. I can’t seem to stop myself.” Her hands ran up and down his concrete eight pack. “I can’t control this. Oh, oh, oh.” His powerful thigh wedged between her legs. She ground her pussy against his contracted muscle, rocking herself, and sure she turned a new shade of red. “This isn’t me.” Her breasts. He needed to touch her breasts. She captured his hand and smacked it against her chest.

“Squeeze,” she instructed, manipulating his fingers around her engorged flesh. “I have no power to stop this.” She looked into this face, and begged he’d see how useless a grip on the situation she had.

A bemused grin flitted across his lips. “Do your aunts have anything to do with your new uninhibited self?”

“Yes!” she screamed. “Yes,” she repeated, less vociferous. If anyone would understand her strange behavior, Sebastian would. He knew her three chubby and cheerful aunts who lived in a cottage on his father’s land, practiced real live witchery. He’d understand and forgive her, her erratic uncharacteristic conduct .  “They said they would help me with a bit of flirting. In fact they talked me into it. Said I needed help in that department. I’m getting old as they put it and they thought a tiny little spell would make me less…cold and more…inviting. Look what they’ve done to me instead!”

He threw his head back and laughed. He never skimped on his attention or affection for her aunts. They in turn adored him.

“I’m glad you think this is funny.” She scrambled off his lap, knelt between his long muscular legs and jerked the zip of his Versace suit trousers all the way down. Excitement skirted new territory as his undone zipper revealed a pair of black boxer briefs and a delicious bulge to go with it. She unearthed his cock. Pleasure throbbed in her pussy.

“I am going to kill them,” she promised. Both her hands circled him. Her breath hitched. “You’re so thick.”

“Happens when I’m attacked by a beautiful woman. Even one under a spell.”

Her mouth opened around the head of his shaft. Fiery ambition gripped her taste buds, inspiring her to engulf him until his head touched her throat. She’d underestimated his generous size. Tears glazed her vision as she was forced to release his cock. Hardly fazed, she prepared to consume him again without caution.

He curled his hands around her arms and brought her smoothly onto his lap, her mouth still poised open. The change in setting did not deter her; she aimed to suck on his lips instead.

“Easy, Glitterbug. I don’t want you to hurt yourself.”

“But I want to hurt myself, in a really good way. I want you to hurt me until I scream from pleasure. I need to fuck you.” Slapping her hand over her mouth did nothing to retract the utterances from her potty mouth. A portion of her brain envisioned herself wild-eyed and crazy looking. A minute side of the same brain cowered in heated shame. There’d be hell to pay for her aunts when the spell wore off.

“Look at me, Michelle.” Large calloused hands cupped her face, a placating gesture to slow her down. “Let’s talk this through, okay?”

She shook her head, ripped her blouse off her shoulders and threw it aside. Unsnapped her bra and fed him her nipples. She held both sides of his head, gyrating against his cock.

“Please, help me. Put it inside me.”


Smoldering brown eyes penetrated his cool shield. Sebastian knew the woman who’d reach such depths would be Michelle Stein, his little Glitterbug, the shy awkward girl who hid behind a screen of vanilla scented hair. Now she sat astride his lap, wet and begging him to fuck her.  All he wanted was to kiss her.

He clasped his hand around a thick wad of her hair and pulled her back. She mewled. The sound vibrated off her lips and into his mouth as he thrust his tongue between them.

She kissed him back, smashing her tits against his chest -her nipples peaks of fire yet hard as stone.

“Please.” Her eyes shimmered with fever, her bewitched body desperate for him. “Please, Sebastian.”  She tugged her panties aside, grabbed his cock and led it to her soaked opening. Tight hot flesh enclosed the tip of his dick. Her nails clawed into his shoulders, her hips bobbed, her thighs tightened. She wanted to ride him. He’d only just touched her entrance.

“I could tie you to a chair and wait for the spell to wear off.” He needed to give her that option although the thought of lifting her off him and tying her to a chair killed him. He wanted her as much as if he were possessed himself.

“If you do that, I’ll die. Don’t do that.”

“I just want you to be sure.”

“Sebastian, I’m begging you to do things to me. I need it, don’t you understand, I feel as if I will die if I don’t get it, now. Stop thinking and just…just fornicate with me, will you?”

Fornicate? He suppressed a gin.

“We need a condom and I don’t have any on me.” He came up with another excuse. Damned if he took further advantage of her in her bewitched state, never mind the feeling of sliding naked into her pussy served as the hottest fantasy he’d ever had.

“What?” Glimmers of confusion snuck out of her dazed eyes.

“A condom? I don’t have one.”

“But…Wait.” She sprang off his lap. His heavy cock hit his abdomen as she stumbled once, got to her desk, flung open drawers and threw out fashion magazines. She shrieked in delight when she found what she sought.

He looked up at the impassioned beauty standing between his legs, ripping off a middle page of a glossy magazine where a sample condom stuck. She bit open the package and then dropped the foil wrapper.

“Let me help you.”

“You’re too slow,” she accused, already rolling the protection onto his cock. But her hands trembled violently and forced him to take over. He soon had himself sheathed in the neon candy flavored condom with complimentary ridges and bumps for precise and further stimulation.  He’d never worn anything like it in his life before.

Her hands busied themselves over her full heavy breasts and between her long silky legs as she licked her lips, watching him insulate himself.

She was so fucking sexy like that.

“Hurry up.” The last word left her mouth with a cry of surprise. He flipped her over, capsized her onto the thick-carpeted floor, pushed her panties aside and sunk his cock, hilt deep into her.

“Oh, yes! Right there. That’s where I need it.” She wrapped her legs around his waist, arched her spine, tilted her head back and moaned. The sweetest sound he’d ever heard.

She met his thrusts, pounded back. Her hands slipped under his shirt, her nails scrapped down the skin on his back. She bit his shoulders, sucked his lips, ground his buttocks into her.

“Ah, fuck, Michelle. You’re so hot.” He angled into her.  Full rapid thrusts. His blood sizzled through his veins as she clung to him, taunting him.

“Harder, deeper,” she dared. He obliged her.  Her pussy quaked, a small tremble that started deep inside her. Her orgasm stilled his own. Nothing compared to the beauty of her coming. A sharp cry, closed eyes, panting red lips as her climax raced out into the open. He snuck his hand under her ass, his fingers drowning in her steamy liquid orgasm, dripping down between the cheeks of her ass, staining the carpet.  He brought his hand to his mouth. The scent of her cum shattered his senses. Her taste provoked his own climax, leaving him weak, drained, mesmerized.

His eyes locked with hers, observing the descent from sexual frenzy, to bliss, to embarrassment. Her hands slipped off his ass and laid limp at her sides. She lowered her eyelids, bit her lip and squirmed beneath him. He stroked her red-hot cheek.

“Hello, Glitterbug.”

She covered her face with both her hands. Hello…Sebastian,” she murmured between her fingers.


“Hmm…no?’ She shifted again, reminding him he still had her pinned to the floor. Not that he minded. She might have recovered mentally from her sexual shift, but her body held on to all the necessary signs of lust. Her nipples hadn’t softened, her skin still gleamed from sex sweat, the inside of her pussy sent out tiny tremors around his cock every time she writhed beneath him. He could have stayed buried inside her like that all day long. But the chimes at the entrance of her shop floated through her office door and broke the spell.

“You’ll be okay?” He lowered his head to her collarbone as he withdrew from her. Fuck, what a feeling to slide out of her wet flesh. She had him noticing things about sex, and its aftermath, stuff he hadn’t noticed before in his hurry to be away from the women he slept with.

“Yes, thank you.” He rose and offering her his hand, lifted her slight body off the floor. She turned and straightened her panties. He wasn’t above stealing a glance. The red rose buds specked on the innocent cotton brought a smile to his face. A genuine change from wispy lace or nothing at all, but his cock jolted inside its skin, stretching into a new erection even before he could dispose of the condom he still wore.

She worked hastily to button and zip herself back up, facing him when she looked creased up but reasonably decent. He hadn’t even decided what to do with the condom yet.

“Thank you.” Her uncertainty transformed the statement into a question.

“You’re welcome, Glitterbug.” Her eyes plunged from his face to his semi erect cock. Clearly the spell had abated. Blood sped to her cheeks. She mumbled an excuse about tending her customer, directed him to the bathroom and fled from her office.

He disposed the condom, splashed cold water on his face and stared at himself in the pink shell-framed mirror hanging inside her pink bathroom.

Having spent eight years of his life in a division of special forces for the government and three years at the helm of his family’s multi-million business, restlessness had taken on a new high as thirty struck.

His life amounted to making money and having sex. He knew too many new people, too many new people knew him and wanted either his money or his body and in most cases both in no precise order. He craved the simplistic beauty of the Table Mountain range of the Cape, the elegant house at its foot and the people who lived in and around it. But Michelle Stein was the real reason he had come back home. Even without any spells, she had captivated him almost his whole life.


Michelle straightened her shoulders, steadied her breath and plastered a smile on her face as she walked out of her office to meet her customer. She strived for attentive professionalism even though her gaze flew to the entrance of her office every passing second. Waiting for Sebastian to emerge though secretly wishing she had done nothing but masturbate in her office, by herself, while using Sebastian as fantasy fodder.


The searing look he gave her while she showed off a Ming vase to a potential buyer, stripped her bare. She shifted under the load of his gaze. Vibrations in the pit of her stomach intensified and streamed down between her legs reminding her how sensitized her body was to him. She swallowed and turned away. He left a moment later.

Her intention to close up shop wilted as customer after customer strolled in. At the end of business, she was grateful she hadn’t crumbled into a stupor. She stuffed her handbag under her arm then spotted a slip of paper on her desk. Sebastian’s neat handwriting spelled an instruction to call him about dinner, using the cell number supplied. She thought never. She meant to chuck it in her bin, but habit demanded she leave no trace of trash in her office overnight. She shoved the small square sheet into the side of her handbag instead, whisked her briefcase off the floor and used the back door to exit her shop.

In the sanctity of her car, she leaned into the headrest of the driver’s seat. Her eyelids drooped closed. Images of what she had done to Sebastian flashed through her mind. She whipped her eyes open instantly. Her aunts had no idea what was coming their way. They might have screened their calls and strategically avoided all contact with her but they couldn’t stay hidden forever. And after a thorough chastening, she’d stoop as low as to ask about a memory spell. One that would erase the whole sorry incident from both hers and Sebastian’s life for good.  Excellent. All would be well again.

She pulled away from the parking spot as dusk flirted with the sky. Late afternoon traffic relaxed. Everything around her seemed slowed and placid. Even her giant headache petered out somewhat. That’s when it happened again. The powerful piercing sensation in the pit of her stomach. The sudden shivers. All the subtle symptoms she wrote off the first time it happened in her store. Now she knew enough to know what they’d result in if left to their own device.

Please, not again.

She had about a ten to twenty minute window before everything flew out of it. Her drive home was thirty minutes. She’d never make it. She scanned the road for any witnesses before she parted her legs and slipped her fingers into the waistband of both her skirt and panties. She shuddered as her palm skimmed her clit but the two, even three digits inside her did nothing to quell the advance of the sex storm. She needed something harder, thicker.

Another stark and brutal bolt of lust sizzled through her body. The strike exacerbated, its intensity scarier this time. She stopped touching herself since it helped nothing. What she needed was an intermediate diversion.  First she had to park off. She was dangerous behind the wheel under the influence of a lust spell.

Desperation had her swiveling her head from side to side, her glance covering both sides of the street looking for a free space when it landed on a sex shop discreetly packed between a furniture store and a second hand bookshop. She skidded to a halt, swerved into a newly vacated parking space and gritting her teeth, ignored the selection of middle fingers shown her way.

The embarrassment curdling in her stomach dissolved in comparison to fulfilling the need between her legs. She’d never been in a sex shop before and thanked her lucky stars she didn’t have to go aisle hunting for a bloody dildo, a big one at that. Everywhere she looked, fake cocks stared back at her. She grabbed the first one within reach and dashed to the cashier, dancing about as if she needed the bathroom while she waited her turn to be served.

The customer before her patiently waited for a specific toy only found in the shop’s back rooms. Only a grey butt plug would do and not a blue one. Both he and the cashier planned to wait the time out at their leisure.

Her patience disintegrated, the throb in her pussy quadrupled.

“My apologies, but would you mind serving me in the meantime?”

“You’ll have to wait your turn,” the snobby customer declared in nasal tones.

“Well, I can see why you need something up your ass.” Oops, where did that come from?

“Excuse me,” the customer intoned, looking to the cashier to side with him. Oh, if they knew her at all they’d know she was the epitome of good manners. She patiently waited her turn in cues, always said please and thank you and never before uttered the word ass in public or private. Didn’t they realize she had an emergency going on under her clothes? Why else would she be in a sex shop for goodness sake? Surely she could be served while they awaited the prodigious butt plug.

“Sorry, miss, you’ll have to wait your turn.” The cashier didn’t look sorry at all.

“In that case, thank you for your time.” She placed the mock cock on the countertop and with her head held high ambled out of the shop. But not before she snagged another one off the shelf on her way out, stuffed it into her bag and made a run for it.

Bad, bad, bad idea.


8 Responses to “Unleashed by April Vine”

  1. Marianne Winning October 17, 2011 at 12:07 am #

    I love the idea of a sex spell! Yummy! Poor Michelle! But then again, she has got the gorgeous Sebastian to help her out! Can’t wait to read the rest of this. Hope it will be up for sale soon!

  2. Madeleine Drake October 20, 2011 at 11:36 am #

    Fabulous opening, I can’t wait to read more, April! 😀

  3. Rae Summers October 27, 2011 at 7:07 am #

    Whew! What a riveting opening, April. The lust spell idea is really novel. Hope I get to read more of this soon!

  4. Bronwyn Desjardins October 27, 2011 at 9:59 am #

    Delicious read. I couldn’t stop scrolling down for more from the opening line. You have a real talent for writing pure, unbridled passion. Best of luck! You have my vote.

  5. alex economides October 27, 2011 at 11:25 am #

    Wow!!! Hot!! Hot!!! Talk about being turned on by reading your first chapter…..loved Sebastian…..I couldn’t stop reading…..i want to know more…….and your idea of a sex spell….what a blast!!!
    Good luck and I hope I will be able to read more

  6. Claire Robyns October 27, 2011 at 12:04 pm #

    Stunning chapter, loving the hotness factor and the humor. Really hope this one makes it through because I need to read more!

  7. freespiritshaz October 27, 2011 at 3:00 pm #

    Unleashed is truly the word.
    Enjoyed every bit. Can’t wait to read more.

  8. Rokaya October 31, 2011 at 2:28 am #

    Wow… absolutely stunning chapter. would love to read more. u have my vote.

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