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More Like A “See You Later”

10 Mar

By Alexa Day

Saturday was a pretty special day for me. It was my book’s birthday. One year ago on Saturday, my book was released on an unsuspecting world.

Things have been pretty crazy ever since. Lots of promo work, lots of chaos in the so-called real world, and a couple of very special events, like my first signing at Romanticon. The twelve months have flown by, and almost everything that could have happened has happened.

One thing hasn’t happened yet: that next book. I’m still getting my arms around it to get the job done, but in the meantime, I’m having to cut back on some other things. Unfortunately, that means I’ll be leaving you all this month.

I’ve had such a good time here, and I’ll never forget that this is where the crazy ride started, with that pitch contest so long ago. But I won’t be all that hard to find. You can still catch me on Tea and Strumpets or on Lady Smut, and hopefully, I’ll be able to tell you about the next book really soon.

In the meantime, I’m going to leave you with warm thoughts and this video, which never fails to make me smile.

I’ll see you around!

Gone is Gone, and That’s a Good Thing

9 Dec

The song “Wonderwall” reminds me of someone I will likely never see again.

The song “One Headlight” is the same way. I’ll probably never see that person again, either.

With the help of a little technology, chances are I could be in touch with both of these people in seconds. They should both be fairly easy to find. I haven’t done that because I’m pretty comfortable with the idea of not seeing them again, even though I didn’t necessarily want either of them out of my life when circumstances separated us.

A romance writer’s world is filled with possibilities, and stories have certainly been written about the return of the Man Who Got Away. It’s easy to see the allure of those people. Why did he leave? More importantly, why did he come back? More importantly than that, is he even the same person as the Man Who Got Away? And is this new person as intriguing as the one we thought we knew?

I think it’s actually more interesting to freeze the Man Who Got Away in that moment in time just before he got away. Those two places in the past are full of promise. Those really were good times. The details there are still pretty sharp; disappointment and loss were still shadows on the horizon. Those memories in their imperfect form are great places to visit, and they’ve contributed to my present life in ways so subtle I can’t see them all from here.

But as the new year rises up to meet us, I’m happy to keep the past and its citizens where they need to be. Every so often, I’ll hear “Wonderwall” or “One Headlight” and smile to myself, and that’s comfortable for a few minutes, but that’s good enough for me. I don’t even have them on my iPod.

If I’m looking over my shoulder, I won’t see the next Man Who Got Away. And isn’t it more interesting to wonder how he’ll compare to the last few?

Make merry now, and get ready for the new year, everyone! I’ll see you in 2014.

**Alexa Day is hard at work on her second book, but you can score her first novel, ILLICIT IMPULSE, wherever e-books are sold. Keep up with her here on the second Monday of the month or on Facebook.

Everyone, Be Nice to the Substitute …

9 Sep


When you read this, I will be recovering from a business trip to glorious, glamorous Las Vegas, filled with days and days of hard work FOR YOU. In the days to come, I’ll post up all the naughty goodness I can (Vegas has a way of making some people camera shy), and you’ll have to check me out on Facebook to see what I got into.

That doesn’t do you much good now, though, does it? I mean, what are you supposed to look at now? You’re here now, aren’t you?

I hear you.

Remember those school days when the teacher was out of ideas and pulled out the projector for a filmstrip? At my school, there was one “new” projector that would automatically advance the filmstrip when the cassette tape played a tone. Teachers loved that one because they didn’t have to pay attention to the film, remember?

In honor of the “new” filmstrip projector, I decided to leave you all with a film. I think you will want to pay attention to this one, since it features the super hot Lyoto Machida. See? I look out for you when I’m out of the office, don’t I?

Don’t you think Lyoto should smile more? I mean, I get that he is ferocious and all. But he’s also cute as a lethal, bone-crushing button. Watch him one more time for good measure and then write an essay on this subject in the comments.

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Is Seduction Dead?

12 Aug

It’s been a better than average week in Writerland; I’ve got two heroes doing their level best to tempt two heroines into bed. What a lovely way to spend the workday! This is usually my favorite part of the story – even more so than the sex itself – because this is where the fire between these characters really starts.

The whole thing made me wonder, though. What about the real world? Is seduction dead? Has it been relegated to the realm of fiction?

Before I get at this, I want to be clear about something. When I say ‘seduction,’ I do NOT refer to that PUA crap espoused by any number of insecure losers who have convinced themselves and each other that they have to fool women into sleeping with them. I will not name them here, but I think a lot of you know who they are. They like to use the word ‘seduction’ because it elevates what they’re doing, but don’t be fooled. These guys are wannabes who rely on a woman’s ignorance of their methods, games and assorted tricks. They’re not seducers, and my suspicion is that most of them know it.

Seduction is a magical process, the evolution of curiosity to willingness to exploration to consummation. Seduction is endlessly patient. Seduction is risky. It’s a sensual negotiation. Will she surrender? How hard will he try?

I’m not sure we still do this today. A single person’s world is built on agreements, spoken and unspoken, that seem to have removed seduction’s teeth. If we know there won’t be sex before the third date or until we’re a couple or for 90 days or until some mutually selected milestone has been reached (like last call), can seduction still exist? If we know exactly where consummation lies, is there a point to seduction? Is it merely ceremonial?

Are we stuck with the PUAs?

Is there any hope of bringing true seduction back?

I don’t have any answers, I’m afraid. I think all we can do is try to keep seduction alive by flirting with strangers wherever they appear and by sticking with those super-hot reads we all love so much.

Roll call for the top-flight seducers in the comment section!

**Alexa Day is hanging out with her favorite seducer, Illicit Impulse’s Tal Crusoe, as he chases down the one who got away. Tal’s got his hands full just now, but if you want to keep up with Alexa, your best bet is Facebook.

I’ve Got to Get It in My Ear

8 Jul

Today I don’t have the blues. And that’s a problem.

See, right now, I’m writing some fairly … uncivilized scenes between two of my characters who are about to spend a lot of time together. Seams will give way. Each of them will leave a mark on the other, and I’m not talking about the sweet, emotional brand one might leave on another’s heart. My music of choice for scenes like that is the blues. The blues is all about this sort of thing.

The problem is that it’s tough for me to find enough of the blues online to sustain me until I’m done writing. So much of what I’m finding online is modern blues music, which is not what I’m looking for at all. The newer stuff reminds me of the modern Ford Mustang. The sound it makes is a shallow imitation of the traditional muscle car growl. It’s okay, but a lot of purists would rather do without than settle for the facsimile.

As I started to work today, I ran across Albert King and Stevie Ray Vaughan playing Blues at Sunrise. That’s the sound I’m thinking of. Something bedroomy, for want of a better word. Middle-of-the-night right. That’s perfect for these two, who really might break the bed if they keep at it like that.

Maybe they will break the bed. She would be mortified, but not right away.

Sorry. That’s a random thought. You don’t have to address that.

As I see it, I have a couple of options.

I could dig in and learn enough about the blues that I don’t have to go picking blindly over the internet to find the right sort of music. If I knew enough about the blues, I would know which of these online sources is going to get me closest to the hard, sexual sound I’m looking for. That’s going to take time away from writing, though.

I could replay Blues at Sunrise over and over again. Don’t laugh. I do that with Pink Floyd’s Echoes when I’m writing creepier scenes.

One day, I should probably suck it up and invest in a sound, baseline blues collection. I still have the Smithsonian Classic Jazz collection I used for my college Intro to Jazz class, and I think there’s a similar blues collection. Hmm. If I bought it for this purpose, it might even be tax deductible. Now that’s worth thinking about.

But first, these two have a bed to break.

If you’ve got blues and you can tell me where to get them, let me know in the comments!

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What Do Women Want? Glad You Asked…

9 Jun

Much has been made of Daniel Bergner’s book What Do Women Want?, in which Bergner reveals scientific research showing that women’s sex drives are, biologically, much the same as men’s. Stimulated by visuals. Not limited by depictions of romance. Willing to make the first move – and all the moves after that.

Everyone seems to hear this series of revelations in a different way. I’m not surprised, myself. After all, who made all these proclamations about women’s sex drives in the first place? Society. Yeah, society’s *never* been wrong about women before, right?

At the same time, none of this means we women are going to be acting on all our sexual impulses. Outwardly, our drives will likely look the same as they did before Bergner’s book came out. We just won’t have biology to use as a convenient hiding place anymore. Jezebel offers a tongue-in-cheek list of reasons women haven’t been acting on our sex drives, now that we know they’re as strong as those of men.

In any event, if we’re not using our newly revealed sex drives to, you know, have the sex to which we are biologically entitled, we can still put it to fantastic use. Amanda Hess writes about Playboy’s slight shift in focus, designed to attract more female readers. (I still daydream about getting a Playboy interview one day.) Maybe we’ll see a rise in different types of erotic and pornographic entertainment. I love what Cindy Gallop’s doing with Make Love Not Porn. I’m hoping to see Playgirl in print again one day before I die. While I’m waiting, I’ll keep an eye out for an expansion in the already growing market in woman-owned erotic cinema. And of course, I’m counting on huge growth in erotic fiction.

We can also just be having more sex. Just putting that out there as an option.

So what about you? Now that the truth about the female sex drive has been pulled into the light, what do you plan to do with it?

Alexa Day knows she ought to be writing, but if you want to catch up with her, Facebook might be the easiest way. She’s participating in the Loving Day Blog Hop on Wednesday, so keep an eye on her blog, too!

A Word to My Mother

13 May

What makes me the luckiest erotic romance writer in all the world? My mom.

There’s actually a decent chance I wouldn’t be writing erotic romance right now if it weren’t for Mom. When I was a little girl, she led me by example. Her stash of romance novels took up the whole top shelf of the closet. She never discouraged me from reading anything. She kept Henry Miller on the bottom shelf, where little hands could easily reach it, try to read it, and decide for themselves that Judy Blume was a better read. Then she supplied me with brand new Judy Blume books – in hardcover with their glossy jackets – for years.

Finally, Mom started me reading romance. I was in law school, at a horribly low point in my life, and she sent me a care package with two romance novels in it. Once I was hooked (halfway through the first one), she sent me the copy of Mallory Rush’s Love Game that is on my keeper shelf as I write this.

Thanks, Mom!

Mom sent me a copy of People’s Sexiest Man Alive issue last year, with a sticky note attached: “To help with your writing.”

Mom thinks I can do anything. I know what that sounds like. A couple of Romanticons ago, Mom and I were watching a pole dancer from Cleveland Exotic Dance climb to the top of her pole, almost to the ceiling, and then stretch out from it as if she were a flag, perpendicular to the pole itself. I was really impressed. My mother said, “You can do that!”

I can’t, of course. But what matters is that my mother thinks I can. For whatever reason.

Mom wants to help assemble the little goodie bags I’m bring up for this year’s Romanticon (my first as an author). I kind of think she realizes this is as close as she’ll get to making those little wedding favors, but still, it’s a big job and she wants to help.

Most of all, Mom supports me on every step of my journey as an author. One of my exes asked what my mother would think if she could see what I wrote. I told him, “She would probably tell you it could be hotter. Then she would yell at you for suggesting she ought to be ashamed of me. If you’d like to try that, put the phone on speaker.”

I don’t get to see Mom all that often, but I try to make the visits count. At last year’s Romanticon (it’s our annual mother-daughter trip), Mom won a prize at the pajama bingo game. Alpha Caveman Nick Soto came over to check her numbers, and everyone watched as he stood over her shoulder in all his shirtless glory and read her winning numbers out loud. After he’d left her the prize and I gave her a hug, we all went back to playing. A game or two later, she said, “Oh, Lex! You know what you should have done?”

“What?” I asked.

“You should have gotten a picture of Nick while he was here.”

I don’t get to be a step ahead of Mom very often, but of course I caught her with Nick. And with lots of other new hot male friends. All the not-so-incriminating photos (it’s only incriminating if you feel guilty) are over on my blog.

I hope everyone had a lovely Mother’s Day! Share a story or a memory in the comments.

**Alexa Day’s mom promises it will not take two years to finish the next book (Alexa’s first book, ILLICIT IMPULSE, is available right now!). You can keep Alexa honest by following her on Twitter, liking her on Facebook, or keeping up with her blog at All you have to do is send frequent but gentle reminders that she ought to be working. She’ll take the hint.

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