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Release Day Winner

26 Aug

Thank you all for commenting. I loved reading all the comments about why you love cowboys. Great answers.
As I said I’d throw everyone’s name into a hat and pick one commenter to win a copy of Rode Hard, Book 1. The name that popped out of the hat was….

Jackie W.

Jackie you should have an email from me.

Thank you again for all the wonderful comments.


Celebrating release day with a little giveaway

24 Aug

Today is release day for my new book Rough Stock so of course I need to do a little shameless promotion *grin* but don’t worry I’m doing a release day/weekend contest here as well so stay tuned.


Book two in the Cowboy Code series.

Professional cowboy Brody Kyle was at the top of his game before an injury changed everything. Now if he wants the chance to win he needs the help of horse trainer Denise Shaw. But when he’s around this strong, sexy woman the gold buckle is the last thing on his mind.

Denise has spent her life proving she’s as good as any man. Nothing fazes her. So what is it about Brody that instantly turns her into a giggling girl and sets her blood on fire? She needs some time between the sheets to get him out of her system. Unfortunately the heat between them only makes her crave him more.

Brody has never become emotionally involved with a woman, but something about Denise gets past his defenses. There’s nothing sexier than seeing an in-control woman submit in the bedroom and be so kickass everywhere else.

Their casual fling soon becomes much more and they must find a way to balance control if they’re to have a shot at forever. Continue reading

More IS Better!

12 Jun

Passionate Reads is very pleased to welcome today’s guest, author CHERYL DRAGON …

Yes, in one way I’m talking about sex and even lovers! This year I’ve really gotten into writing ménage + and have three difference series going for it! Next year I am planning a little more BDSM with two person couples into my writing but oddly enough, I’m loving the ménage +! I won’t stop writing those.

A reader at the conference that I just attended told me she didn’t like ménage + because that must wear the woman out! I saw her point of view and explained the approach I take in my ménage + stories is that most of the men are bisexual (the odd straight guy might sneak in there at times). So all the men are not only sexually interested in the woman. They share each other too. The heroine can have all of the men’s attention if she wants and then sit back and watch the men screw each other for a while! Really, is four men too many?

The reader seemed to like that approach and hopefully she’ll give ménage another try. Even if she doesn’t, it made me think about more. It can be good or bad. A lot of it has to do with the approach.

We all feel like we should be doing more! For others, for ourselves, for charity etc…but if we’re always giving, we’ll end up like that heroine who does all the work. Exhausted instead of appreciated.

Like my solution for the ménages, more isn’t just about giving. It’s about creating the right group, connections, and circumstances to allow more to work for you. Support when you need it and chances to help when you can. I want to look at the positives of more.

Since I’ve been writing full time, I’ve had the chance to put more into my writing. Write more books. Add another publisher. I expanded to writing for Changeling. I’ve also been able to do more promotion.

Luckily, I was invited to participate in the Love Hangover contest. The best part is I’m not alone! Four Changeling authors who write ménage, m/m and bisexual erotic romances banded together to giveaway goodies and help promote each other’s new summer releases! Check out the link for chances to win free books, goodies, and find the promo code!

I went to RT earlier this year and I just got back from the Reader and Authors Get Together (aka Lori Foster event) in Ohio. Lots of Changeling authors were there and supporting each other. Megan Slayer and I pimped the Love Hangover contest and each other’s books at a table that got a lot of traffic! Readers could tell we were having fun!

Too much of a good thing? Sure, we can always go overboard. Food, liquor, men…If I had four hot men like the heroines in my books…I’d never get any writing done! I can’t live without writing so I’d try to juggle all of that. Love to try! In real life it might be overwhelming. In the wonderful world of fiction, the heroine and hero(es) get that fantasy world…especially the happy ending! Exactly what we’re all looking for!

Which is why Love Hangover is such an appropriate name for the contest. Check out the four of us (Cheryl Dragon, Megan Slayer, Renee George, Ayla Ruse) and hopefully win something!

 See how many men you can handle in your fantasies! For now, I stand by the title of more is better…

Guest Blogger: Cynthia D’Alba

17 Feb

*This post is proudly a stop on the TEXAS TWO STEP Blog Tour. For a complete listing of all stops on this tour, please visit here. All contests are for U.S. residents only unless otherwise noted. Comments left on this blog will be counted toward the Texas Two Step Faithful Follower Gift Certificate. To see a complete listing of Blog Tour Prizes, click here. Be sure to check out the freebies. Yours for the asking as long as they last.*

Thank you to Brandi Evans for hosting me. I sure miss our Starbucks runs!

Today I want to talk about telephones and that oh-so-important first call from “him.”

When I was growing up, cell phones didn’t exist, which may be impossible for some of you to imagine. Girls were known to sit home waiting by the phone for “him” to call. (I confess to waiting for some boy to call me!) And trust me, girls would circle like a hawk around the house phone. No one was allowed to make a call in case “he” tried to call. Heaven forbid if “he” got a busy signal. What if “he” never called back? And if some family member had the audacity to receive a call (and thus tie up the single phone line), the powerful evil eye delivered by the household teenage girl could end that call quickly. My house didn’t even have call waiting, so no way could this oh-so-important boy ring in.

And privacy for that call when it finally came? Forget it. No private telephone in my room. No personal telephone number just for me. If I wanted to whisper sweet nothings in “his” ear, I had to carry the entire phone with its 30 ft cord down the hall and get in the closet. My parents at least put a 30ft cord on the receiver of the kitchen wall phone, but I could only make it to the stairs leading to the basement. Not a lot of privacy there. And forget getting a phone call at my grandparents’ house. They were on a “party-line” phone, which meant they shared the line with other houses. Anyone could (and did) listen in on calls.

Fast forward to today. Some of you have had cell phones for as long as you can remember. You never had to deal with the long phone cords that were necessary for privacy. You have no idea what a “party-line” is (which is a shame as those were quite interesting.)The idea of staying home “in case of a phone call” sounds like a joke. Today, you toss your smart phone into your pocket or purse and go. Heck, “he” doesn’t even have to call. “He” can email, text, Facebook or Tweet you and your phone will get the message.

Texas Two Step, my debut book, begins almost ten years after my hero (Mitch Landry) and my heroine (Olivia Montgomery) meet. To build up to the release, I’ve written a few vignettes from their early dating years. Today’s snippet from Texas Two Step-The Prequel is The First Phone Call. Click HERE to read it. If you are just joining into Texas Two Step-The Prequel, links to the first three short stories can be found with today’s installment of The Prequel.

Now, let’s talk about that first call you got from “the one.” Were you on a cell phone? At home? At the mall? Were you nervous? Excited? Giggly? Did your stomach flip? Your mind go blank? Tell me about “that” call.

Today’s TTS Blog Tour Prize

Many guest bloggers can offer a copy of a backlist book to be given away as a potential prize for a blog commenter. As a debut author, I don’t have a backlist. But I do have some awesome author friends who have stepped forward and offered one of their books as a prize.

Today’s TTS Blog Tour Author Sponsor is Turquoise Morning Press author Keri Ford. Keri will send Uninhibited in Apple Trail, Arkansas Vol. 1 to one lucky person who leaves a comment. To find out more about today’s Blog Tour Sponsor, you can visit her website, Twitter or Facebook.

To learn more about me check out these links: website , Facebook. Twitter, Group Blog , and Personal Blog.

And if those aren’t enough, Sign up for inside scoops and special contests by receiving the newsletter I share with my blog buddies.

Remember! Leave a comment for a chance to win Keri’s book!

Texas Two Step is available for preordering at Samhain, Amazon, and Barnes & Noble and I will be forever in your debt if you would buy it!

The Blog Tour Continues on Monday with The Date, Part One.

Guest Blogger: Kate Willoughby

25 Nov

Joining us on Passionate Reads today is Kate Willoughby. *insert applause* Kate’s latest Ellora’s Cave release Just Winging It hits digital storefronts today. Her hero, Lazlo, sounds positively dreamy. Oh, and she’s giving stuff away too!

Without further ado, let’s all give her a big PR welcome…

~Brandi Evans


The Best Job in the World
by Kate Willoughby

I’ve often thought it would be terrific to give complete strangers a bunch of cool stuff the way Oprah, Rachael Ray, and Ellen do on their TV shows.

In my newest release, Just Winging It, Davina had a great job like that. She was a wish fairy. Her mission was to grant the wishes of humans who yearned for True Love.

Okay, sometimes she flubbed stuff up and caused trouble for the wishful heroines, but Davina has a heart of gold, and at the risk of spoiling it for you, everything always worked out in the end.

If I could grant a wish to someone, I would give my mother a bunch of money, however much I could. She’s a “save it for a rainy day” type person, and that rainy day never comes, so she always seems to go without. It would be fun to arrange for her to “win the lottery” or the Publishers Clearing House sweepstakes, and see what she’d do with all that moola. (That way she wouldn’t feel like she owed me.)

I really wonder if she would spend any of it at all. More likely, she’d save most of it so she could pass it on to her kids when she died. Still, if it was a large enough amount, she might actually deign to fix up her house and get one of those Brussels Griffon dogs she likes.

What about you? Who would you give a wish to? What would it be? Answer in the comment section and you are entered to win the entire Be-Wished series—All In, A Wolf at Her Door, Once Upon A Kiss, and Just Winging It. The winner of the four e-books will be announced on my blog on Friday, December 16, 2011.

And the winner of the 2nd Passionate Reads Pitch Contest is…

23 Nov

Wow, it’s been an awesome ride. We had such a great response for this pitch contest and so many incredible entries that I’ve been blown away. I got tremendous enjoyment out of reading the blurbs and excerpts along the way and I know Grace did as well. In fact, she told me she was overwhelmingly impressed by the quality of the entries and Grace doesn’t hand out praise lightly. Believe me, I know :).

I want to sent out a big, huge thank you out to all who entered! And to all those who stopped by to check out the entries, read the chapters and VOTE! Incredible!

*thank you*

So, I won’t prolong the torture any longer. Without further delay, the Passionate Reads Pitch Contest winner is… Continue reading

Round 2 Finalists are…

29 Oct

Oh wow. WOW! I wanted to start by thanking the Round 1 finalists and say how awesome it was to have an opportunity to read your first chapters. All of them. I also loved seeing the reader comments. And  I’m glad we had so many visitors and were able to provide an opportunity to allow you to get your work out into the public domain. It’s a critical aspect of being a writer and not exactly an easy one at that!

Grace had her work cut out for her in this round, but she could only select three! THREE! How she did it, I’m not exactly sure, but without further delay, the Passionate Reads Pitch Contest Round 2 finalists (in no particular order) are…

Continue reading

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