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Farewell and Many Blessings…

17 Apr

Dandilian farewellDear readers,

After much discussion and attention to the long range plans of the authors on this blog, we’ve decided it’s time to shut the doors on Passionate Reads. We’ve enjoyed connecting with you and sharing our tales. For me as one of the newest bloggers here, it’s been a great experience and honor to post on the blog, and I’m so grateful for the opportunity to connect with you all.

But for now, we must stay goodbye and turn our attention not only to our individual blogs, but our writing too. You can find us all at the links below and the best part is most of us regularly blog at these places.

Nara Malone
Tea and Strumpets

Nara’s Nook
Therian Verse

Marilyn Campbell

Siobhan Muir:
The Weird, the Wild, & the Wicked
Buy a Book, Tell a Friend

Brandi Evans

Shannon Emmel
Shannon’s Blog

Thank you all for joining us on this blog. Take care, be well, and stop by our respective blogs. If you follow them, you can get announcements when we post. Thanks again, and many blessings.

I Have a Crush…More Like an Infatuation

25 May

Infatuation is the perfect word to describe the tingles that have me all a quiver these days, but I’m not crushing on some guy I know. It’s not an illicit connection to a sexy neighbor or to the hot guy I see in the morning riding his bike. Nope, not at all.

Like a teenage girl crushin’ on the latest heartthrob, I’m all a twitter for a celeb. Maroon 5’s front man, Adam Levine, to be exact.

I know, I know. I’m over 33. Crushes on celebs are for the young, but can you really blame me for this little infatuation? I mean, look at this man… Continue reading

Sex Magick + Female Power = Passion’s Portal

1 May

Do you prefer to do it alone or do you have more fun in a group?

Of course, your answer, like mine, may vary depending on the activity. A few months ago, I was invited to participate in a group writing project by Brandi Evans and Nara Malone, two other Passionate Reads bloggers. Although my usual preference is to work independently, their idea really appealed to me and we were quickly joined by two more of our bloggers, Shannon Emmel and Charlotte Stein.

Over the next couple months the five of us easily overcame the challenges of living in different time zones and having different ideas. I am very pleased to say that through the entire creation, production and submission process, no one was inflexible, tried to take control or slack off.  Since this was my first time with such a project, I don’t know if our experience was common among women writers or if we were exceptionally lucky to have come together as we did, but I am anxious to continue the special relationship we formed in the process.

If you’ve had a group writing experience, good or bad, please feel free to share by commenting below.

The end result is that our group project, PASSION’S PORTAL, has been approved for development as a paranormal, erotic romance series at Ellora’s Cave. The stories will be individually written but tied together by the Sisterhood of the Elemental Goddesses and Shadowling Manor, a spooky old mansion on the northeast coast of Maine. Witches, wizards and warlocks, werewolves, shifters, dragons and selkies… Shadowling Manor is an Equal Opportunity Paranormal Environment. Every room has a secret, every portrait a history, and any door just might be a portal to another realm. Sex magick is at the core of the Sisterhood’s power and the energy created during sexual activity is what keeps Shadowling’s portals open.

In hopes of intriguing you to stay tuned for release updates, here are some teasers of the first five books –

     Serving Nicole, by Marilyn Campbell (Alchemy)

Nicole Claret’s abilities as an empath began awakening at puberty, and by the time she was in college, the intuitive gift had turned her into a human lie detector. That quality made her a successful private investigator but resulted in her choosing a very solitary personal life. Though occasionally consumed with sexual need, celibacy has been her only option.

At Shadowling Manor, she is promised a solution to her self-imposed isolation and celibacy. Her challenge and tutelage await her in the form of Brett Donahue, a high-level wizard whose specialty is Continue reading

A Hot-n-Yummy New Cover

27 Apr

What do you get when you cross a Dom with a tattooed, bad-boy biker? The hero from my recently contract Ellora’s Cave story His Forbidden Submissive. 



*wipes drool from chin*

Nice, right? No, nice is to tame of a world. This is raw sexiness. I love it! The EC cover artist who designed my sexy cover couldn’t have captured my hero better. I had a literal squeal moment when I first saw it.

Damn, is there anything sexier than a muscled man whose sculpted chest is more canvas then covering? Like the heroine in His Forbidden Submissive, whenever I see one I want to trace every line of ever tat with my tongue.

Don’t judge me, LOL! *wink*

Anyhoo, lovelies, I gotta jet. The hubs and I are taking the kidlets digging for diamonds tomorrow. Later!

~Brandi Evans


Brandi Evans is a stay-at-home mom with a serious addiction—the compulsive need to tell sexy stories to whomever will listen! To learn more about her, visit her website at

Sexy Male Bunnies…The Reprise

8 Apr

“Oh Yummy…White and Dark Chocolate Easter Sundae Sexy ( Male) Bunnies” was the title of my post LAST Easter Sunday and it has been one of my most popular to date. It started out like this:

Yeah…just give me a spoon  and some whipped creme coz they BOTH look good enough to eat!

For those of you who have been following my blog, you know that I do at least make an effort to tie it into writing…on some level.   This week I  had a list of good intentions and good writing tips and then it  hit me.

That’s when I realized that my post would fall on “Easter Sunday” and, setting aside any and all serious or religious connotations, my mind went directly to (what else?)

 Chocolate Easter Bunnies!

Then it went straight… into…the gutter.

I thought of “Playboy” bunnies and, being a healthy, red-blooded female past the legal age of consent, my mind wandered next to their sexy male counterparts.

Before I knew it, visions of nearly naked men proudly displaying their bow-ties and cuffs,  and those irresistible tails that you can’t keep from reaching out and grabbing onto (uh-hummm…those would be the tails conveniently located at the front side instead of the back side),  danced through my head like sugarplum faeries…

LOL…If you want to see where it headed after THAT , here’s the quick link to that blog:

Oh YUMMY Easter Blog

On this Easter Morning, I’d like to share with everyone something equally as “yummy”, a little project some of your “Passionate Reads” authors have been working on!

I am extrememly pleased to announce that EC has just approved a new series that takes place in coastal Maine at Shadowling Manor.

The name of the series is “PASSIONS PORTAL” and the select few that are mystically drawn to Shadowling Manor pass through magickal portals  and are swept into exotic locations and erotic paranormal encounters that rate off the scale on the “Sizzle Chart”.

The authors participating with the first 5 books in this series are Brandi Evans, Nara Malone, Marilyn Campbell, Charlotte Stein and moi, Shannon Emmel so we hope you will check back for more news and info including titles, release dates and steamy hot covers!

We have tons of fun stuff planned for this series that is still in the works, including a Continue reading

Talkin’ Sh*t!

30 Mar

I was running late on today’s post (surprise, surprise), and for the life of me, couldn’t think of anything to write about. So for inspiration, I did one of those random word generators online and got this wonderful topic suggestion.


As you might think, the first thing I did was to laugh out loud. No way I could talk about poop on an erotic romance authors’ blog. I’d be (virtually) strung up and tossed out on my poop-maker. But then, inspiration struck.

As a writer, I’m always on the lookout for what readers like in their erotic romance stories, and of course, what they don’t like. And the latter is where the inspiration came in.

What makes you, dear reader, roll your eyes in disgust and scream, “This book is pure poop/crap/shit/etc.?” I’d love to hear your answers.

Anyhoo, lovelies, I gotta jet. Dinner’s ready. 😉 Later!

~Brandi Evans


Brandi Evans is a stay-at-home mom with a serious addiction—the compulsive need to tell sexy stories to whomever will listen! To learn more about her, visit her website at


Help! Emotional Support Needed!

16 Mar

It’s time. I can’t keep putting this off any longer. I want to, boy do I want to, but I just can’t. The kids are hounding me every day, fifty times a day. Over and over and over and–well, you get he point.


I guess it’s time I faced reality. No more whining. No more excuses. I’m just gonna have to suck it up and do the one wretched task I absolutely LOATHE. Continue reading

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