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9 Nov

When someone says, brooding hero, I immediately think of Mr. Rochester in Jane Eyre or Heathcliff and I remember the vicarious thrill I got in first meeting such difficult characters and how happy when the heroine is able to tame his savage heart.  I’ve always loved a good brooding hero.  That’s why in borth of my recent books from Resplendence Publishing, HER PIRATE LOVER  and DARK  PARADISE, I’ve used the brooding hero.  They just worked perfectly.  And in each book I tempered their brooding quality with a touch of humor or with a heroine so sweet and appealing even my brooding hero couldn’t resist.   I think a brooding hero brings out such a knee jerk reaction on our part (our being every red blooded romantic woman) to change them and bring them to the light.  My heroines do just that, but not in a calculating, manipulative way.  In HER PIRATE LOVER, Hawke’s dark soul is intent on revenge and he means to use the beautiful, virginal Abella as his means, but Abella’s purity and her generous open heart capture him and show him what love is all about.  Abella changes Hawke so his love for her is stronger than his need for revenge, but will have to give her up, after all?  DARK PARADISE’s Romanian Vampire Hunter, Matthew Stanislaus is another brooding hero.  The very nature of his quest leaves  him longing for a simpler more normal life which he believe has slipped beyond his grasp.  And the woman who might be able to save him is coping with her own destiny as she slowly turns to one of the undead.  I used humor to soften the grim darkness of this story and Had a wonderful time writing it.   Matthew and Molly went along with my approach and in the end found solutions for both their problems.  I don’t think either book would have been as touching if I had used a brooding hero.  I don’t think I’d like ever book I write to have such an intense character, but for these two books, they worked.

And the New Winner Is

21 Sep

Since Heather is one of our very own Passionate Reads authors, I get to draw again and Fedora, with the lovely unusual name is our winner for commenting at my blog, On Becoming an Erotic Writer.  Congratulations Fedora, just comment again below under the same blog and let me know if you want a rousing Pirate Story or a longer, sexy contemporary Detective.  Temple


21 Sep

The winner from On Becoming An Erotic Writer is:  Heather Howard.  I’ll be e-mailing Heather to let her know and find out which books she wants.  Thanks to all who commented on my blog.  Temple

On Becoming An Erotic Writer/To Be or Not To Be

20 Sep

I confess, I grew up in an era much different than present day young ladies.  I can’t imagine anyone with a stricter attitude about sex than a Roman Catholic upbringing except possibly a Southern Baptist one.  That’s the category I fall into.  I remember when I got my first period, my mother said, don’t do anything with any little boys, and that was my sex education.  I don’t faulty my mother, she was only passing on what she’d been taught.  At twelve, I thought boys were yucky anyway and that wasn’t a problem.  Fortunately, over the next few years as my hormones developed and my curiosity grew stronger, I did exactly what my mother told me not to.  As a result, my husband and I have four wonderful children.

But oh, those years in between, when I wondered about the secrets between men and women.  Oh, the angst, the imagination when I knew nothing about boys and men.  When I got married I found a new freedom from that strict Baptist upbringing and boy was I surprised and delighted.

So how does all this tie into writing Erotica?

For years, I wrote Historicals under a different pseudonym, Peggy Hanchar.  I was so happy to be published not once but many times, that I willingly followed the guidelines and limitations placed on us as Romance writers.  I always politely closed the door on my love scenes and substituted lots of arousing feelings between the two characters as they found their way to each other.  The emotional roller coaster of a budding love affair was my fodder and I always considered that the best part anyway.

When the industry announced there would be a new market where the door was left open, no, that the reader was even invited into the boudoir, I said to myself.  I don’t think so.  How far is this from pornography?  No, thank you.

But the erotica market hung out there, tantalizing, compelling and once again, my curiosity was whetted.  I wrote my first Erotic Romantic Suspense and found it was amazingly fun and freeing.  Limits had been pushed wide open.  We could actually say those words that made me blush at first, then rolled off my keyboard with greater comfort, because I realized I had been letting my old upbringing rule me still and pushed it aside.

And for some reason, in my new role as an erotic writer, I found I could use humor.  It came easily, it made me laugh, made me chuckle as I wrote it.  And I was having so much fun that I was amazed at how much I’d written at the end of the day.  I was free from many of my old concepts about writing, about communicating with my reader, about sharing my wonderful characters.  And my characters arrived more full bodied because of this new freedom.  After all, our sexuality is a large part of who we are.

Do I like writing erotica, yes I do.  These are still love stories, but without the old restraints.  I still work as hard as I can to develop strong three-dimensional characters and to give them a good plot that will excite the reader.  I love the swift action and the fact that we’re writing fantasy for the reader who wants to be taken away from making baby formula and scrubbing the toilet, which by the way, I should be doing right now!  I think I’m a better writer in this new genre and as I get feedback from readers and reviewers, I’m delighted that other people are enjoying my fantasies.  To be or not to be?  You know my answer.

Please leave a comment and be eligible for a drawing for your choice of DIRTY LITTLE SECRETS from Ellora’s Cave or THE VIRGIN PIRATE, the first of my Pirate Booty Trilogy from Resplendence Publishing


22 Aug

DIRTY LITTLE SECRETS was just released from Ellora’s Cave and is a funny, sexy mystery with a scam artist, Billie Stone and Dare Stephanos, one of Detroit’s finest.  From the moment they meet, Billie and Dare can’t keep their hands off each other, but there are some pretty bad guys who are doing everything they can to kill them.  Scrambling from one hiding place to another, making friends with some pretty interesting characters, Dare and Billy try their best to survive.  Escaping over the rooftops of Detroit, busting out in a brand new Porsche from the Detroit Auto Show and breaking into a dead man’s mansion, they try to buy time for themselves. Billie believes in being prepared, so she fights back with guns and grenades and any other ammunition she deems necessary.  Dare is just trying to protect this wild woman who’s showing him a whole new way to love.

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