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I Don’t Like Romance ….Movies

15 Jun

Confession time: I loathe most romance movies. It’s not because I have a cold, tiny heart (no matter what my exes might say), but rather the things that Hollywood wants to tell me are romantic….well aren’t.

I find nothing romantic about the hero/heroine dying in the first ten minutes of the movie and then slogging through 120 mins more of the Agony of the One Left Behind. I require explosions or epic stories in my dramas.

Likewise, most rom coms leave me feeling stabbity. Most lack chemistry, the jokes feel contrived and they are always about 90 mins tooooo long.

But before I get ousted from RomanceLandia (Where Romance Lives!) I can admit to loving a token few romance movies:

1. Ladyhawke (1985): Cursed, unfilled love at it’s best. I love this movie. It’s *gasp* a drama and *double gasp* a period piece with Rutger Hauer as the hero and Michelle Pfeiffer as the heroine. It’s got shapeshifting! Magic! And a villain you just want to junk punch.

2. Zach and Miri Make a Porno (2008): The title is so suggestive that it scared people off — and I won’t lie, there’s nudity and lots of foul language — but this movie is amazing. It’s a friends to lovers romp that’s sweet and funny in ways I can’t even describe. And while they do indeed set out to make a porno, they fall in love along the way.

3. Love Actually (2003): Big ensemble cast of British people following in love at Christmas time. This movie is beautiful, funny, sweet, sexy and taught me why women continue to fangirl over Colin Firth (good grief his shoulders). This movie is so amazeballs that Hollywood continues to try to remake it (Valentine’s Day, New Year’s Eve) and fails to recapture the magic. I don’t care that it’s a Xmas movie, I will watch it any day, all day long.

Truthfully, I’d love to love more Romance Movies and I’m open to suggestions….if you have any?



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Summer Staycation

1 Jun

Though I’ve been out of school more years than I’d like to count, I can’t give up the idea of summer break. Nothing spells freedom and potential like the three months of fun, sun and relaxation.

Now I know longer work in an industry that affords me 3 months of down time at the best part of the year — truthfully my current job is more a 364 days a year type gig — but try telling that to my brain.

Friday was the last day of school for most schools up here and I’m just as bad as the kids trying to plan my list of activities. I don’t have unlimited free time, but th


1. Go to a concert. Actually have tickets to see Maroon5 later this summer and unlike the last time I had tickets, I’m determined to go.

2. Attend a summer festival. It’s Chicago in the summer! You can’t swing a cat without hitting a festival….or five.

3. Go to the beach. Lived here 7 years, still have never been to the beach.

4. Get into the city at least once. It’s riiiiiiight there waiting for me and the fountains — including the ones you can run through — will be on.

5. Attend a baseball game. Go White Sox!

6. Eat funnel cake!!!!!

7. Write more books. ūüôā


What’s on your agenda this summer?



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Write Like No One Is Reading…

20 Apr

I fully remember when I became self-conscious about my writing. In my sixth grade language arts class, I had penned a murder mystery short. My heroine’s pet bunny was murdered and left for dead…in a bloody heap on her doorstep.

There was mayhem! A rival with a motive! A quasi-love interest who was just as distraught about the dog as the heroine! In the end, the culprit was the neighbor’s rabid dog who was later put down and the story ended with her getting a new pet….a puppy.

Now 11 year old me didn’t think about things like logic — I went with a puppy because I liked dogs more than cats. Upon reading this story, my teacher praised it and encouraged me to layer in more details and string out the tension.

My mother and my sister….both laughed. Not the ha-ha-ha, I love this laughter of joy, but a OMG-cant-stop-chuckle of derision. With a single read through they had both pinpointed the issue with the puppy and brought it to light.

Neither of them knew at the time that they had made a huge impact on my creative works. I no longer had the same freedom, the same confidence in my words.

Though they enjoyed subsequent works, though I later earned a writing recognition in front of the entire school, though I continued to write fiction in secret, I could never recapture that same level of I Am Awesome.

Now it’s something I re-learn every time I write a book. I give myself permission to just write, and let myself know that it’s okay if I don’t get it right the first time — that’s what CPs are for and edits. By the same token, I can admit that some of what I write has merit as is.

It’s a delicate balance and one I wish I didn’t have to navigate. But it’s the only way to get the job done: Write Like No One is Reading.




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Of Candy and Hearts and Candy Hearts

9 Feb

I feel like we’re friends, so I can be completely honest with you. I’m not a huge fan of Valentine’s Day. Sure I love the pink and the glitter and I love that it’s supposed to be a celebration of love.¬†BUT I find most of what is held as the ultimate in Valentine’s and romance just leave me going pfffft.

I loathe conversation hearts. I think they taste like the end of a relationship — chaulky and with a hint of disappointment. And — don’t take my Woman Card — I didn’t even like chocolate candy until a few years ago.

I can’t stand any Katherine Hiegl movie. And you can interchange that with any Jessica Biel movie (save Blade 3) and most Reese Witherspoon movies¬†They all miss their mark.

Clearly, I believe in love and romance, otherwise, why write what I do?

Real love isn’t about glitter or cut out hearts or candy that tastes like sadness or perfect looking people who act like they are made of cardboard. It’s loud, it’s messy, it’s supposed to make you squirm, and in the end it’s all worth it.

And if your Lover brings you candy, a paper heart or takes you to see a romantic movie, I hope you get that loud/messy/squirmy feeling.

Happy Valentine’s Day!



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Who’s My Creampuff?

26 Jan

Confession time: I love endearments and nicknames. I’ve always gone by a shortened version of my real name and I give endearments/nicknames to friends, family and enemies alike. I very rarely have a character that doesn’t end up with one.

But you have to be careful. While ¬†I can get away with calling a friend Bunnymuffins (yes, you read that right) in real life, put it in a story and it’ll throw the reader out every time. ¬†Sugar, baby, honey and sweetheart are all fine. Sugar Lips, not so much. And don’t even get me started on Candy Yams.

My brain conspires against me. It twitches and sprinkles in the endearments while my back is turned. Generally I have to edit most of these out, but I recently had a project where I could go nuts.

And I abused it with glee! Honeypie! Angelfritter! Pumpkin-puss!  There was no endearment too over the top to use and it felt so good. Of course, the whole story is over the top, so it works.

I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t looking forward to the next time I could do it again, Honeybritches. *sigh* But since the rest of my books are not humorous in nature, I’ve got to know, what’s your favorite endearment?



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New Year, Same Old Me

12 Jan

For the first time in my life, I didn’t make any New Year’s Resolutions. Part of me is still insisting it’s not too late, but I’m trying a different approach this year.

Every year, I start the year with at least five — sometimes as many as fifteen resolutions and usually by March they’ve all fallen by the wayside. Doesn’t matter if it was getting to the gym three times a week , learning a new Spanish word every day or reading one non-fiction book a week. Crash and burn.

And then would come the mountains of guilt. Surrounded by the tundra of shame. All set on the plateau of Why-Do-I-Even-Bother. ¬†It’s as ugly and as unproductive as it sounds.

I know that the biggest part of my failure was expecting a zero to six turn around with no more preparation than the turning of a calendar page. So after the lackluster year of 2012, I’m trying something different for 2013.

I’ll be working towards goals, instead of demanding¬†instantaneous¬†results. For the moment this is what I’m aiming for:

1. Eat More Vegetables. Fries are not veggies. Nuff said.

2. Sub at least four stories this year. One of which will be for a call (I love these but have never managed to finish a story in time).

3. Attempt to crack another publisher.

4. Get Beauty — the book that has owned half my soul for the last 3 years — out to readers. Even if it’s only beta readers.

5. Learn to say no to other writers. I know that writing is a solitary endeavor so I would commit to things when I had no desire or not enough time and then end up stressed.

And keep it pink and glittery…..because it is still me after all.



Who is pretty sure 2013 is gonna kick 2012’s ass. If you want to hear more of Sasha’s ramblings, visit her at or follow her on Twitter @SashaDevlin. You can also peep her pins on Pinterest¬†here

Three Lies and a Truth

17 Nov

I’ve been a bad, bad girl. Not in a sexy, punish-me-I’m-naughty sort of way, but in a I’ve-been-away-for-WAY-too-long and that’s suck-tastic sort of way. And if we learned anything from Moulin Rouge (besides the fact that Hollywood has no idea how unbeautiful consumption really is) is that the show must go on.

So …I’m back, but I won’t get into the sordid details. I will however, give you three much more exciting, but alas, not true, reasons for my absence….

1. I’ve started a writer’s colony. It’s on a secluded beach where it’s perpetually 77 degrees with a gentle breeze. ¬†The cabana boys range from beta-ly beautiful Ben Whishaw or as awesomely alpha as Boris Kodjoe depending on your desires. Writer’s block is solved by massages, all drinks are served with umbrellas, and the muse is always faithful, attentive, and ready to go. I’ve written 30 novellas and sold 42 in my absence. Inquire for rates.

2. I became a Professional Procrastinator. Yes, this is a very well payed position that requires, my special skills of goof-offery. I spent endless hours, juggling  Twitter, Facebook, Ravelry and Pinterest. And it all crashed once I tried to add Reddit.  I officially burned out and have left the life behind. And yes, they made me give back the pony.

3. Hollywood came calling! After hearing about my rabid love for Daniel Craig and the James Bond franchise, they whisked me away to work on the script for the next movie. They loved my idea so much that they’ve invited me to be a Bond Girl….Iso De Lusional

Oh if only it were that glamorous. But I’m back. ¬†And I’ll endeavor to be as exciting as all that moving forward.



Who is back for the duration, she promises. If you want to hear more of Sasha’s ramblings, visit her at or follow her on Twitter @SashaDevlin. You can also peep her pins on Pinterest¬†here

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