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Worst movie kisses

14 Jun

Gah, I’ve been a total slacker in posting recently, life has been…well let’s just say different than normal this year so my plans haven’t all panned out quite as expected unfortunately. But it happens right?

My daughters’ and I did a chick flick marathon last weekend. (My husband was at a ball tournament so he got a reprieve. LOL) Not sure how it came into the mix of movies but somehow we ended up watching First Knight. Damn Sean Connery is just one older man that really works for me, but I digress, the point of this blog post was bad kisses and holy crap Richard Gere’s kiss in that movie is not good. He kind of looks like he’s eating her face. My daughter’s found it very cringeworthy. Plus come on who’s going to pick Richard Gere over Sean Connery? LOL

This got me thinking about other bad movie kisses. These are a few I could think of.



3.This one can go either way, either best kiss cuz it’s funny or worst cuz eww.


Number 1& 2 is the same scene because it’s soooo gross it deserves two spots.

1& 2. 

I realize this one is supposed to be funny but ewwwwww. NOOOOOOO


Now this one is bad but it’s supposed to be and it’s soo funny.

Alright so those are a few of the worst movie kisses I can think of. Do you have any memorable bad kisses?


Have a great weekend.



Sharing the Billionaire

22 Feb

I’m part of an anthology over at Total E-Bound called Sharing the Billionaire. It’s available for pre-order at 10% off right now but it will officially be released on Monday in ebook and print very soon.  Each of the stories in the antho will be released on their own soon as well, I’ll post the details when the print and individual stories go on sale.

To celebrate the release of the Anthology the publisher is doing a promotion on Monday that some of you may want to take advantage of. Sharing the Billionaire won’t be part of the 25% but you can grab some other great books.   Click on the picture  to be taken to the promo landing page. You can set up an email reminder so you don’t miss the sale.billionaire_banner_PRE

Sharing the Billionaire

sharingthebillionaire_800 (1)

‘Everything To Him’ by Elizabeth Coldwell

What do you give the man who has everything? The opportunity to spend a week sharing his wife with a hot young journalist.

Felix Meredith has everything. The owner of a multi-media company worth billions, he’s come a very long way from the boy who started a record company in his university dorm room. He owns properties on three continents and his sex life with his wife, Amber, is as hot and inventive as it’s ever been. But despite all that, he’s still bored, and in need of a new challenge.

When Felix is contacted by Josh Broughton, who writes for glossy weekly magazine Glitz! and wants to profile him in depth, he’s initially reluctant, but invites Josh over to his home for a preliminary chat out of courtesy. Josh turns out to be anything but the average hack—he’s young and attractive, and it’s obvious from the moment that Josh and Amber meet that there’s a sexual spark between them.

Much to his surprise, Felix isn’t angered by it—if anything, he’s turned on, fantasising about Josh having sex with Amber while he watches. He decides that he’ll let Josh into their life for a week, and the lad will get unrestricted access to everything for that time—including Amber.

What follows promises to be the most unforgettable week of their lives, as Felix, Josh and Amber explore all the things two men can do to a woman in bed, and Josh is given a unique insight into what it’s really like to have everything.

‘Lucky for Him’ by Rachel Randall

Take the risk to win the prize.

Industry rumours whisper that Argentinian billionaire Renzo Vega has invested in a secret project known only as ‘Lucky’. Eager for his next challenge, entrepreneur Rob Ray tracks Renzo to his luxury yacht. Rob’s determined to get in on the deal, so when Renzo refuses to meet with him, he stows away on the ship.

Soon Rob’s sailing into uncharted waters with the most charismatic man he’s ever met. And as the Mediterranean heat intensifies, he discovers that Lucky’s not only real, she’s a sexy ex-hacker with a talent for pushing all of his buttons.

She and Renzo want Rob to be their onboard entertainment. Now Rob just has to survive their attentions long enough to close the deal—and to make it back to port in one piece.

‘Pleasure for Him’ by Jan Springer

Billionaire Ryland Walton wants to give his girlfriend, Lily, a gift of pleasure that only more than one man can give to a woman.

Billionaire Spa-franchise owner Ryland Walton wants to give his girlfriend, Lily, a gift of pleasure that only more than one man can give to a woman.

When interior decorator Lily Tiffany receives a diamond-encrusted key with an invitation to a private island estate, she’s both nervous and excited that her sexy boyfriend is once again surrendering her to his dark desire of sharing her with another man.

‘Submitting to Him’ by Alysha Ellis

Elise loves her husband. He shares her with a handsome, dominating stranger.

Billionaire Blair Cowdery and his wife Elise travel the world seeking new pleasures. On the island of Santorini their status ensures they get the personal attention of their hotel’s handsome young manager, Nick Zervelos.

Blair’s pleasure is to share his beautiful wife with someone who appreciates her special gifts. Nick’s masterful nature makes it plain he is such a man. Blair soon discovers he and Nick share an interest in bondage and rope play.

Together Blair and Nick show Elise the pleasure of submission and the freedom that comes from being bound.

The two men work together, orchestrating a series of heated sexual encounters. They take Elise to a new space, pushing her limits. They teach her that in losing herself she will discover her true identity.

By the time the game of dominance and submission is played out, Blair, Nick and Elise are bound with ties too strong to resist.

‘Cuffed to Him’ by Cerise DeLand

Joanna Carter needs a scintillating interview from hunky, jet-setting billionaires, Giff and Josh Spencer. When they show her their island—and their dungeon—Jo knows it’s folly to resist.

Joanna Carter earned—and carelessly dashed—a reputation as a hard-driving journalist. Now she has a chance to resurrect her career by interviewing her childhood friends and billionaire brothers, Giff and Josh Spencer. The men were once her next door neighbors. Now, they have bad press as playboys and Jo figures they need her as much as she needs them.

But when they fly Jo to their private island, dumping her laptop, her camera, and her tape recorder, they cuff her and usher her into their private dungeon. Then they thrill her with replays of their loving when all of them were young.

Yet now that they are older, is it wise to resurrect the BDSM and menage that fulfilled them? And what happens to Jo’s career if she throws over a good interview for lots of their good loving?

Should a woman give up everything for two men who once meant the world to her?

‘Yielding for Him’ by Lauren Fraser

Sometimes in order to have it all you have to be willing to risk everything.

Self-made billionaire Donovan James works hard and plays harder. After all life is no fun without risks. But finding a woman who agrees has been more difficult than he’d ever imagined, until now.

Lisa Scott knows how to get what she wants and what she wants is a life with Van. They belong together and she’ll do whatever it takes to make him realize it. Including taking him up on his challenge to invite his best friend, Jason, into their bed for one night.

She’ll give him his fantasy and in return, hopefully, she’ll get hers.

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Have a great weekend.


What’s sexy

8 Feb

So I was listening to the radio the other day and they were talking about how CBS has put some restrictions on what the women can wear to the Grammy’s this year,  apparently, underboob and buttcrack are out. They don’t want to see it on the women. The men? Well, that’s fine, LOL. Looks like this J-Lo outfit would be not allowed this year.


The talk got me thinking about what the women might wear with these limitations that they would still consider sexy.   Realistically certain women are going to look sexy no matter what they wear and with that in mind the plot bunnies ensued.  I’m pushing them off right now since I NEED to finish my current projects first before I allow anything else to slip in. LOL But my mind is still doing it’s thing and I figured heck why not ask all of you what your thoughts are. I mean just because I think it’s sexy doesn’t mean the majority of people agree.

I’m curious what you think makes a woman look sexy? Is it a look, the way she carries herself or her clothing? I usually think the clothing has very little to do with it. Sure certain outfits immediately bring sex to the mind but that doesn’t necessarily say sexy to me.

old woman

See?  Even when it comes to baring alot of skin, some things work, like the J-Lo outfit and some….. well not so much.

I’d love to hear your thoughts on what makes a woman sexy and what clothes are the sexiest.


Our new addition

14 Dec

If you follow me on  Facebook or Twitter then you have probably heard me talking about the new addition to our family.  Several months ago we had to put our 15 year old dog down which was incredibly hard. We are an outdoorsy family and HUGE dog people so we’ve been missing having a dog in our lives. About a month ago we decided to get a new puppy,  a  little black lab.  He’s soooo cute and I’m absolutely smitten, most of the time. *grin*

LJ 031

But oh my goodness, I had forgotten about puppies. Yikes it’s like having a baby again only one that bites HARD. He’s seriously part shark all wrapped up in a sweet little package. Now looking at him you’d think how can that cute little guy cause you any grief. Well let me tell you, looks can be deceiving.  Just kidding, sort of.  LOL My poor hands have taken a bit of a beating and we aren’t even going to talk about the holes in my clothes. Oy.

It’s been an interesting month, and I admit I’ve been a complete slacker on my regular work stuff. Oops. But I’ve been having lots of fun working on training and playing with the puppy. He’s really smart so he’s already got several tricks mastered which my kids love. Next on the list of tricks to teach him is play dead. I’ve never taught that one before so it’ll be a bit of a learning curve for me too.

So since my life is pretty puppy involved right now I’m all ears for any dog tips or tricks or recipes for good dog treats that you all might have.


Relating to the Heroine

19 Oct

As many of you know I’m a HUGE sports fan. More often than not if the TV is on in our house there is some sort of sporting event on it. Thank goodness my Detroit Tigers made it to the World Series because with the hockey strike I’m not getting my fix that way. Anyways you’re probably wondering where I’m going with all of this. LOL

I was sitting down to plot my next book and thinking about the storyline and my heroine. The woman that I was picturing is really kind of girly in a lot of ways and when it comes to sports? Forget about it. She doesn’t play them, watch them or honestly even like them at all, which is completely shocking to me *grin*.

Sadly for someone like me it takes a little bit to get inside the head of that kind of character. LOL Heck the other day my husband’s buddy was complaining on the phone how his wife was making them take dance lessons and he told my hub’s don’t mention it to Laur or she’ll have you taking them. My husband laughed and said “not a chance”. Predictably, I said I’d rather take the money and go to a ball game. Yep, I’m hopeless.

So yeah getting inside the head of a my new character was taking a little bit more work, I had to do some tweaking to the original plan but I think I’ve got a good handle on her now. Deep down at the core we aren’t that different. LOL

Some characters take a little more planning then others because like people they are multi-dimensional and what makes them tick is unique to each one. Weirdly for it all to come together for me I have to find something in common with my heroine’s in order to really get inside their heads.

Hang on before you go there NO it doesn’t mean what you’re thinking. Geez, guys, get your mind out of the gutter. LOL

It can be something as silly as enjoying the same beer or a deep love of the ocean, just one little string that I can grasp to help me understand them a little better. Does it make sense? Probably not but there you go. LOL

I do it when I read as well. The heroine’s that I enjoy the most are the ones I can relate to in some small way. Again it can be something really small that we share it common. She can be my complete opposite in every way but if I share one teeny tiny thing in common then I can relate easier which makes it a more enjoyable read for me.

All of this got me wondering, am I the only one who does this or do we all do that? In each book is there a little piece of us in the story? Whether it’s a descriptor of the character’s appearance, their career, a great group of friends or just a favorite drink, is there something that’s you woven in?


Some eyecandy to kick off the weekend

21 Sep

Since I’ve had a child home sick with the flu for the past few days my week took a little unexpected turn so the blog post I’d intended just didn’t happen. So instead I thought I’d give you all some eyecandy to kick off the weekend but I just couldn’t decide what to post. I mean do you all like




Well I just couldn’t decide. *grin*

Hope you have a great weekend.


To edit or scrap and rewrite

7 Sep

Like most writers I have books on my computer that will NEVER see the light of day. Well in all my wisdom I decided  to unearth one of those books and try to salvage it . OY what was I thinking? There is a reason this sucker has been sitting in the hard drive wasteland, it is definitely not fit for the world to see.

I still love the storyline and the whole idea behind the book and I hate to see it just sadly sitting there, looking so pathetic and lost. So yep you guessed it I broke down and decided to fix it. Sweet mother of god what was I thinking?

So now I’m DEEP into this editing time-suck and the book is still not reading right, parts of it are alright but still something is missing and I’m not quite sure how to put my finger on it. Probably because I wrote this thing sooooo long ago and it doesn’t quite sound like me anymore. Grrr.

Part of me thinks I should just scrap it and start from scratch. But then throwing away 60K of work is hard to do. I know I could look at it as an outline but holy smokes that’s a labour intensive outline. LOL But hopefully the writing part would go pretty quickly because the book is hugely thought out, way more so then any other book I’ve ever written. And by scraping it I might actually honestly get the book I want. Cue the headbanging.

OY Vey what’s a girl to do?

So since I’m committed to this storyline  it’s decision time. Keep editing this sucker and see what I can do or scrap it and start from scratch.  I hate to admit it but I think I’m leaning towards starting again.

Next time I think I’ll leave well enough alone and leave the old manuscripts  to live their sad little existences in hard-drive space.
Hope you have a wonderful weekend.

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