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Now it’s time to say goodbye…

6 Jun

I’m a child of the 90s…Mickey Mouse Club, what???

In more serious news: I am leaving the Passioante Reads group. I know, I know, you are going to be extremely sad to see me go. I’m sad to be leaving, myself. These women here are amazing women, and fantastic authors. But it’s time for me to go.

I am swamped with writing. This is a good thing though, right? Currently, I have my first mass market paperback (The Officer Says I Do) coming out July 3rd under my other pen name, Jeanette Murray. I hope you guys will give it a try, since it’s my same voice, just a little more sensual with the love scenes, rather than erotic. Still sexy, still sassy, just lowering down the heat a little.

If you want to come find me, I blog regularly at my website: I’m also on Twitter at @JeanetteMurray and on Facebook at

I really hope you keep up with me and my other pen name as I continue to write. KJ is getting a little rest, as she’s been very busy for awhile, but Jeanette has a lot of books coming out in the next year or two! I’ve loved being here and finding new friends, and I hope to keep up with you all!

KJ (Jeanette)

GCB Man Candy

16 May

I cannot begin to tell you how disappointed I am that ABC decided to not renew GCB. I thought the show was funny, irreverent and sassy. Sure, it was also a little campy, but I didn’t watch for believability. I watched for the humor!

But most of all, I mourn the lost of Sunday Night Man Candy. So, one last time, let’s gaze upon what we have lost, ladies…

First, we have a hottie pastor. Sure, the collar might throw some women off his scent. But that’s only because they’re not looking hard enough. I give you everyone’s favorite Sunday night wish-he-was-a-sinner… Pastor John Tudor.


Don’t let the name fool you ladies. He might have the name of a porn star, but he’s the best Jesus to hit the stage in the summer church theater… Ripp Cockburn.


And how about everyone’s favorite car salesman and former pro footballer? Zach Peacham

Okay, sure, he might be the brother of Amanda’s “enemy.” But can anyone resist a reformed bad boy? I know I have trouble! Ladies, say goodbye to Luke Lourd.

And lastly, my absolute favorite. He does a mean Lazarus, makes denim look edible and has a smile that melts panties from a mile away. I will miss you so very, very much, Blake Reilly…




I mourn. Do you mourn with me? Because my Sunday nights just got a little less ab-tastic. Boo.

Off to go look at more pictures. Tide me over until I find a new show that delivers the same consistently yummy candy. Any suggestions, ladies?


Are you pinning?

2 May

The newest social media craze I’ve actually participated in is Pinterest. I was very hesitant, because I didn’t want to add anything else to my social media life. Heck, I have enough time keeping up with Twitter and Facebook. Why add something more?

But after looking into it, it is actually not at all difficult, and is a fantastic way to quickly save things. Rather than bookmark something (like a blog with a recipe I want to try, for example) I simply “Pin It” and the photo goes directly to Pinterest so I can go find it later. Now I don’t have an entire list of bookmarked blogs with recipes. I can open my Recipe Board and find it in the snap of a finger!

And, of course, Pinterest is also great for things like a Man Candy board… All my inspiration in one delightful spot. Excellent!

Do YOU use Pinterest? I’m in there with my other pen name, Jeanette Murray. Go look me up and friend me or whatever!


Who also writes contemporary romance as Jeanette Murray

Who tweets as @authorKJReed and @JeanetteMurray

Who updates Facebook as /kjreedbooks and /jeanettemurraybooks

who timeshares online space at and

Who has more personality issues than Sybil…

Sex & Politics

25 Apr

Got your attention yet?

Recently there’s been a bit of a, well, we’ll call it a brouhaha surrounding the White House and a sex scandal.

No. Not that one. A tad more recent.

Yeah, no. Not that one either. Unlike the Clinton scandal in the 90s, or Kennedy and his alleged affair with Marilyn Monroe, this one doesn’t directly involve the President or any of his aides or international celebrities.

It does involve…

Just google it. I won’t rehash here, because that’s not really the point. Needless to say…whew.

But this brought two very interesting topics crashing together: Sex and Politics. Two very polarizing items that people tend to have set views on. There are always political scandals. But it seems as though there are political scandals, and POLITICAL SCANDALS. And those in the latter category often involve sex…or the hint of sex. (Nudie pics, anyone?)

So I wondered how this mattered in the fictional world. Do you like to mix your sex and politics? Or do you want nothing to do with them in the same book? Would a romance with a politician just freak you out, or drive you insane with glee?

How do you want your sex? With a side of congress, or straight up?


Physical Transformation Determination

21 Mar

Workout out? It sucks. I’ve never liked working out. I played sports in high school, but I still hated the conditioning aspect of practices. Never liked it. Dreaded it. We used to run up and down this hill, but we would have to do it 200 times. Or stairs, 400 flights.

(Is this the point where I mention that all those stairs and hills caused me to have knee surgery at 16? Yeah. I am hardcore against stairs. God gave us elevators for a reason, people.)

But now, as I realize that my twenties are slowly drawing to a close (I’m 28, if you were curious) I can’t rely on my charm alone. I need to be a more physically fit person, simply for health reasons. And also because I want to look good in a swimsuit.

I’m shallow, and also okay with it.

How do I intend to do this? Well you’re going to be privy to my first step: Visualization. I have found a motivational picture and I will be remembering this goal every time I am wanting to cheat, or quit, or just feeling like a slug and a lazy beast. What’s the goal? Here, I’ll share:

Fit, healthy, and not skinny. I think this is a decent goal. She’s not a waif-thin model who looks like she has breath mints for breakfast and ice cubes for lunch. So that’s where I’m going.

I know what you’re thinking. Great! KJ, you can totally do this! What a realistic, attainable goal! There’s no flaw in sight!

Oh, I have a flaw. See, I think the picture above is a nice goal to shoot for. The problem? I currently look like this:

Hey there, Sexy Pants

So…I’ve got some work to do. But I’m not giving up. It’s not just about the bikini (lie: it totally is) but it’s also about my health and doing the right things.

Being an adult is hard, y’all. I miss my metabolism at 17, where I could eat an entire bag of Doritos and not gain an ounce. Suck…

What’s your favorite weight loss or healthy lifestyle tip? I’m all ears!


Ready, set…taxes!

7 Mar

We’re doing taxes today. (What? What was that? Did I hear several groans in the audience?) Though I know NOTHING about taxes, I do know a thing or two about organizing. And this? This is right up my alley.

My husband is a little bit of a, um, well, I’ll be kind: he’s a slob. He has no clue how to file, no clue how to keep anything together, no clue how to organize a damn thing. God love his soul. So enters me.

I’ve got a file already for my 2012 taxes. (What, don’t you?) It’s where I keep a running tally of my writing receipts, where I stick a copy of all my pay information, where I keep anything and everything necessary throughout the year to take to the tax man.

Last year, we sat down with our new tax guy (hey, moving every 3 years, we always have a new guy) and shoved the folder at him. He took one look at it, then glanced at me, relief and gratitude shining in his eyes. “This is all separated out?” Yup. “It’s labeled?” With sticky notes. “The final totals are already calculated out?” Yes sir.

I think he wept a little as we walked out the door 15 minutes later. With a discount for how little time he required to do our taxes.

It’s good to be organized.

Have you done your taxes yet? Was it painful? Did you get it done with no problems? It’s still early…are you considering a file system for 2012 taxes to make it easier on you?

Organizing, How I Love Thee

22 Feb

So, I’m not a great housekeeper. I’m just not. I forget to clean things regularly, and generally only clean them when I can tell they need it. Like dusting. I don’t dust unless I’m sneezing a lot, or if I touch something and my finger comes back white. Then I think to myself “huh. Time to do that again.”

But organizing? I love it. I love labels and sorting and discarding and rearranging. So when Hubs took Tot out of town for 5 days, it was my chance to bust a MOVE on some projects I’d wanted to do!

Like the linen closet…


And the freezer…


And several more projects. But those were a few that I have photographic evidence of. It’s therapeutic, seriously, to just go through and take something apart and put it back together in a more enjoyable fashion!

I might be a nerd, but I’m okay with that! So, use this as your inspiration to start planning your Spring Cleaning, and go organize something!


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