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Meet Me At The Cafe

14 Mar

Last week I got an email from All Romance eBooks that they’d opened their new Cafe. Eager to check it out and see what was up I headed there and opened an account. I was immediately impressed with the site and it looks to be a fantastic place for authors and readers to hang out and chat.

I created my own profile which you can see here and I even joined a couple of the groups since I am always eager to get reading recommendations from other readers. You can also see if anyone you know is already a member by clicking on the Find A Friend link. I’ve got a few friends there already but would love to have some more. *hint hint*

They’ve actually got lots of things to look at on the site but I think so far my favorite thing is the section that shows what books were just purchased from All Romance. It’s fascinating and I did a little happy dance the first time I noticed one of my books in that section. 🙂

I hopped over there a few minutes ago and was so excited to see that one of my very favorite authors, Cynthia Eden, is being featured on their home page. I love reading author interviews and getting some insight into what other authors are doing especially if its one who is an auto buy for me.

I also took a sneak peek at the book videos there and they were really neat. Makes me think I  might want to try one for one of my books.

Have you been to the Cafe yet? If you’re there I’d love to be friends. 🙂 I also have an account at GoodReads but I have to admit I haven’t been by there lately. Not sure yet if the Cafe will be a replacement for GR for me or not. Time will see I guess.

Have a great day!



Marines? I’ll Take Two Please

2 Feb

For obvious reasons I have a serious thing for men in uniform, especially a Marine. A man walks by in his camouflage uniform and I have to stare. But if a Marine walks by in his dress blues? I want to follow him home. 🙂 You should have seen me in Las Vegas back in November when I found out one of the Marine Corps balls was being held there. Forget Sin City, more like Drool City. Now I trust y’all that this conversation is just between us and isn’t going to get back to my husband, right?

So when I finally decided to start writing military men into stories the floodgates opened and I quickly learned one at a time just wasn’t enough. lol Of course I also discovered that writing menage is quite a challenge. There are lots of visuals to get right when it comes to the love scenes, the pronouns are killers and for me it has to make sense that these characters all feel good about what’s going on. I imagine in real life juggling two men would take quite an effort but in my romance I say go for it.

Despite the challenges or maybe because of them, I can’t stop writing them. Love between three people is intense, passionate, and complicated. Sounds good to me. Currently I write m/f/m menages but I have my eye on some m/m/f plots. It’s the ultimate relationship for me as a writer. All three characters falling in love with each other without limitations. Soon. Very soon.

In the meantime my latest m/f/m menage, Old School has just released today from Ellora’s Cave. Wheeee!

Here are all the yummy details:

She’ll do anything to save her bar… Famous last words.

When the latest brawl at Old School lands Erin and her bar in hot water with the Corps, she gets desperate to keep things afloat. Thanks to her family connections, she’s given one last chance to clean things up in three days and impress the two officers assigned to her case. Easy peasy. Until the two men who broke her teenage heart walk in with their list of oh so naughty demands.

Jack and Levi returned to Quantico with one thing on their minds—break through Erin’s resistance. Years ago they tried to make her choose, with disastrous results. Now they want a second chance with a better plan. The fate of her future rests in their hands, and they’re not above using that fact to get everything they want.

Available now at Ellora’s Cave.



A Hot and Not of 2010

29 Dec

I saw a list just like this on another blog and I couldn’t resist borrowing it. The title that is. The list is all my point of view for some of what I liked and disliked from 2010. And it’s also abbreviated because I think I could have gone on and on. LOL

I wanted to talk about goals for 2011 but those are still a major work in progress. I’ve got my calendar and a list of projects though so here’s hoping I have a reasonable list by January 1.

In the meantime…

HOT in 2010

HTC EVO Smart Phone
My first Ellora’s Cave release
Erotic Romance
The iPad
Kevin Bacon Logitech Commercial
The eBook Boom
A Real White Christmas
Snoop Dogg Tribute To Sookie

NOT HOT in 2010

BP Oil Spill
Lying, cheating bastard breaking the heart of America’s sweetheart
Marie Claire
Amazon pulling ebooks off of people’s readers
Mega book deals for stoopid celebrities
Jonah Hex
Piranha 3D

What’s on your hot and not list?


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