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Writing Strategies: Long-winded or short and sweet?

24 Jan

I read Marilyn’s post on Jan 22 with a bit of jealousy–I never have anything to cut when I write. This is not because everything is perfect as it flows from brain to keyboard. I have plenty of stuff I have to change, but I never get to cut anything because I write short. So short that most of my editing involves adding text, rather than removing it.
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What I’m Reading

27 Dec

This year, instead of going home to Florida to visit my family, I stayed in Alaska to write. I’m getting a ton done, but it’s sort of a bummer to be so far away from family this time of year. Though I’m trying to keep to a strict work schedule (no sleeping in!), I have been indulging in plenty of romance reading in the evenings. So, thought I’d share what I’ve been reading lately. Continue reading

Medieval Romance

29 Nov

I’m in the mood for a good medieval romance–something with blood and sweat and raunch. Something with castles and knights and bare-chested warriors fighting it out half naked.

There don’t seem to be too many medieval romances around anymore, erotic or otherwise. But I’ve always liked them, probably because the heroes tend to be alpha take-no-prisoners males. Medieval heroes are hard core. They’re out there swinging long swords and bashing in the heads of enemies. And they’re protecting people. Women people. Children people. Kittens.

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1 Nov

I’m amazed by the number of brave writers out there. You might be one them if you’ve submitted a few pages of an unpublished MS to a contest like the one we’re currently running here at Passionate Reads.

It takes guts to slave over something by yourself for days, weeks, or months, and then send it spiraling out into the ether for the world to see.

While I’m a proud, published author–I write both romantica and academic nonfiction–it’s always a bit daunting to send off a new piece of work for review by an editor.
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A Few Tips on Author-Editor Etiquette

4 Oct

Before I became a fabulously wealthy and internationally famous author (ahem), I was an editor. In honor of the pitch contest, I’m going to provide some pointers on author–editor etiquette.

1. Spell check. Really. How writers “forget” to do this continues to mystify me.
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The Single (Erotic Romance) Writer

6 Sep

It seems as though every time I read an author bio, there’s 2.5 kids, a passel of rescue dogs, and a loving husband. Or in the dedication at the front of the book, there’s a line about how the author would never have gotten so far without the support of her beloved spouse.

Confession time: I don’t have a husband. And no husbandly prospects either. Been there. Done that. It did not end well. But one good thing did come from my bout with the married state—I started to write erotic romance.
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The Disadvantage of Digital

9 Aug

I’m an unapologetic convert when it comes to reading digitally. I adore my nook and take it with me everywhere. But I recently discovered a major downside: those 20 or 30 minutes on the airplane at take-off and landing when you have to turn off all of your electronics.

I travel a lot, and since I live in Alaska, getting anywhere takes a long time. (Just to give you an idea, it takes me about 15 hours to get to the east coast, usually with 2 or 3 stops on the way. Coming back is worse, 24 to 36 hours with an overnight at the airport.) Anyway, I have the whole travel thing down to a science. I get a window seat, put on my slippers, stick in my earplugs, and start reading.

Since I’m an introvert, curling up in the corner with a book sends a clear message: I am busy and do not want to hear about your gout / how small the seats are / your most recent grandchild. I just want to read, so leave me alone. The earplugs, of course, dull the noise of wailing babies. And my nook lets me read all sorts of non-child-approved fiction without revealing my secret inner vixen.
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