Happy Spring! Celebrate with Bronco’s Rough Ride

20 Mar

Today is the Vernal Equinox and the official first day of spring! Are you ready for it? In Las Vegas, spring often shows up in February, and we get all sorts of flowers. I love sitting out in my backyard and reading in the balmy days (before the summer heat kicks in and burns everything to a crisp).Spring Snapdragons

Speaking of reading, tomorrow March 21 2014, Bronco’s Rough Ride, the next book in the Bad Boys of Beta Squad series comes out. This is the prequel to The Navy’s Ghost, and you get to see how John “Bronco” Andrews met his wife Lindsey before Ghost, Magic, and Retro got into their mess. Here’s the blurb:
Broncos Ride
What happens in Vegas, stays in the heart…

Chief Petty Officer John “Bronco” Andrews only meant to stay one night in Vegas for a little R&R before resuming his duties as a US Navy SEAL in Coronado. But someone slips him a mickey in the bar and he finds himself in Madame LeBeau’s sex trade. As the product. Doped up on ketamine to keep him docile, Bronco has no choice but to let it ride.

Detective Lindsey Jarvis has been undercover in LeBeau’s sex slave racket for two years and she almost has enough evidence to take it down. Between abduction, prostitution, and murder, she has LeBeau by the short hairs. All she needs is a “product”. John is the perfect witness if she can get him out before the drugs shut down his heart. Then she’ll be free to start a normal life.

Lindsey doesn’t count on her overwhelming attraction for Bronco or her need to see him through detox. But she’s a cop in Vegas and he’s a Navy SEAL, two lifestyles with too much unpredictability to maintain a relationship. Neither have time for more than one wild rough ride, and what happens in Vegas, stays. Forever.

Come join Bronco and Lindsey on their wild ride on March 21st 2014 everywhere ebooks are sold. Kick-ass adventure, a hot cop, and a hotter SEAL. And remember, what happens in Vegas, stays in the heart…


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