Let’s talk about VD…

13 Feb


Passionate Reads

Okay… I’ve never been a big one for Valentine’s Day, but I would ABSOLUTLY take up drinking if he was delivered to my door!

Where was I? Oh…I remember! I was about to do a blog on VD!  🙂

Seriously, I’ve always looked at Valentine’s Day as more of a “Hallmark Holiday” because I believe that the reasons we celebrate Valentine’s Day, like Christmas, should be observed EVERYDAY, not just on a few dates marked on a calendar.

As far as traditional Valentine’s Day gifts, here’s my thoughts on those (take notes, guys!):


All flowers, including roses, don’t need a special occasion to be given to a woman. In fact, getting them for no reason at all is, in my estimation, the BEST reason to receive them!

Guy Hint #1:

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