Happy Thanksgiving!

28 Nov

Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving to the readers in the US! And I give thanks to all you readers who live in the rest of the world, too. Without you, I wouldn’t be the author I am today and I’m so grateful you’ve given me the chance to share my stories with you.

For my family, Thanksgiving represents a time to get together and enjoy each other’s company. Mr. SM and I take the kids and visit with my folks and my brother’s family in the high desert, looking for antelope (“anigoats” as my kids say), coyotes, and big horn sheep along the way. We spend a few days screaming at football games (well, they scream. I read) and sharing in good food. I try to count my blessings and take stock of how lucky I truly am.

As I close in on my second year of being a published author, I want to say thank you to the wonderful authors I’ve met along the way: Nara Malone, Marilyn Campbell, Karla Doyle, Silver James, Cat Johnson, Gem Sivad. These are just a few of the ones who have encouraged me, commiserated with me, and helped me on my way.

The tradition is to start Christmas shopping the day after Thanksgiving and get revved up for the holiday busy-ness associated with the end of the year. I hope you get a chance to relax and enjoy this holiday and be raring to go on Monday, December 2 2013. Because that’s when The Navy’s Ghost, the first book in my Bad Boys of Beta Squad series comes out. It’s a M/F/M romantic suspense and I stay true to my tag line of “kick-ass adventure with hot sex”. Here’s the blurb:


A SEAL is strongest with her Team…

Ensign Christana “Ghost” Brickman is the only female SEAL to survive BUD/S training, a real Navy Jane. But when an ambush ends her career as an active SEAL, she’s free to pursue other interests. Like her two best friends Lt. Jim “Retro” Waters and Chief Warrant Officer Todd “Magic” Hunter. She’s wanted them for over a year, but never dared to approach them while in the squad.

Retro has fought his dark desires since high school, certain the need to share a woman unnatural. Magic had never considered sharing before Ghost mentions it, but it solves his dilemma of choosing between his best friend and his woman. But Retro balks at Ghost’s offer to share and retreats from both when she marries Magic.

Everyone feels Retro’s loss, but he ignores the ache of their broken connection in favor of living ‘normal.’ When Ghost and the other wives of Beta Squad are kidnapped, Retro must reevaluate how much both Ghost and Magic mean to him. And he must decide how far he’s willing to go to save the woman he loves, before she becomes the Navy’s ghost.

Thank you again for stopping by on this gratitude holiday and I send mine to all of you. Many blessings! 🙂

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