Flash Fiction: Mutual Assured Safety

11 Nov

You say you feel safe here. I used to wonder why.

You follow the falling sun to distant realms, to do devil work half a world away. Beneath the stifling wing of night, you rain down nightmare things on enemies I cannot name. Then you’re here, a Colossus sheltering this tiny place beneath your powerful body. If this doll’s house is safe, your presence has made it so, as it would make any place safe.

No threat would dare approach you here at home.

But within you lies a still, dark place that is yours entirely, the home to things I need not contemplate, the implacable source of your powers. By night, this well gives rise to something sinewy and strong. A shadow uncoils within its blood-warm depths, hungry for the music of my cries. It seeks out the tight, hot places made to fit you and you alone. In its guttural protolanguage, it claims me, makes me bend to your will until pleasure seizes us in its undertow, dragging us down together.

You could force me to admit that I feel safe here, too, but you are too secure in the safe feeling to do such a thing. Sleep is more seductive than this logic spiral.

Truth is gentler in the morning.

**Hope you enjoyed a touch of flash fiction this Veterans Day! If you can thank a vet personally, go do it. If you can give the lot of them a shoutout, hey, go do that too!

Alexa Day’s ILLICIT IMPULSE is a finalist in the Erotica category for the 2014 EPIC E-book Award. You can catch up to her here on the second Monday of the month, on Facebook, or on Twitter every Thursday night for Scandal.

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