Of Sex Magick and Selkies: Make Me Wet

7 Nov

Hangin’ with Ronin…

I spent my first book release day, way back in 2010, in a beauty shop with purple goo in my hair. It was the my first run-in with release day go-wrong syndrome.  Then I had satellite internet and heavy rain that kept satellite from connecting. So I drove an hour to find a spot with free WiFi. I wound up at a beauty shop blogging from a net-book after I agreed to let them do a “treatment” to my hair. My hair and I survived.

I’d like to say I’ve gotten better at managing the craziness of release days. I haven’t.

Make Me Wet released yesterday. I thought tomorrow was the release day.  So I started the day behind schedule and the go-wrong syndrome kicked in its share of obstacles. I may not be better at managing release days, but I have come up with a few nice ways to deal with the stress. I discovered one of them in the process of writing this story. The opening image above is a picture of me and Ronin, hero of Make Me Wet. We’re recovering from release day in the virtual Selkie Island I created while writing Ronin’s story. It’s not unusual for authors to do some world building and write out dialogues between themselves and their characters. I’m probably not the only one who discovered they could bring their characters to life as a digital being and sit down face-to-face to have a chat. I did my world building virtually too. I like logging in and having the sense of the story world coming to life around me as I sit down inworld to write a scene. That’s what I did whenever I was stuck on where to take a scene. That’s what you can do with Ronin anytime you want. I left Ronin’s world available for readers to enjoy. I hope you find his company as inspiring as I do. Before I tell you how to visit Ronin, let me tell you more about him.

He’s a selkie and legend has it that a selkie has sexy encoded in his DNA. He’s a magickal being, conjured from the deepest desires of the woman he is called to serve. Ronin is summoned to a Maine beach by the priestesses of Shadowling Manor. The sex magick they weave together is meant to bring a lost daughter of the manor home. Ronin will serve for one night. At sunrise he will return to the sea to spend another seven years alone. He’s resigned to his fate, doomed to repeat that cycle of love them and leave them unless he can find a woman who can resist him for an entire night. Which, being irresistible to humans, is never going to happen.

There’s something about the word never that gets my creative juices flowing. Give me a sexy hero with an  unsolvable problem and the words start to flow. Make Me Wet is the result:


Seven tears cast upon the water summon the selkie, summon seal across the ocean, summon man from beast—liquid keys to break the curse. Freed one night every seven years, Ronin is doomed to repeat that cycle into eternity. Unless he can find a woman powerful enough to resist a selkie’s irresistible pheromones and sex magick.

Maille believes she lost reality between Maine and New Mexico. Between where she is now and where she should be. She believes in facts, not magick. But facts can’t explain how she wound up naked on a beach with the sexiest man she’s ever laid eyes on. Or how she knows in her bones that losing herself in the passion Ronin offers is a path to disaster.

It’s going to be a long, hot, wet night. Caught between sex magick and a sexy selkie, disaster is inevitable for Maille. To break the enchantment she has to rely on the oldest magick of all—the power of love-drenched hearts.


I filmed the trailer in Selkie Island Region of Nara’s Nook, a virtual world I created where authors can bring their characters to life and role-play scenes from their stories. The Greyville Writers Colony includes interactive activities for author’s characters to connect with their readers. If you’d like to visit Selkie Island or Greyville, find out how to do that here.

If you’d like to know more about Ronin and read Make Me Wet. You can read the excerpt here and buy the book here at Ellora’s Cave.

If you’d like to learn more about Shadowling Manor and the Passion’s Portal series, you can do that here at the Passion’s Portal website.

2 Responses to “Of Sex Magick and Selkies: Make Me Wet”

  1. Marilyn Campbell November 7, 2013 at 4:57 pm #

    I’m so thrilled Make Me Wet finally “surfaced”! I loved it!

  2. Kelly Jamieson November 7, 2013 at 5:27 pm #

    Congratulations Nara! This is a great story!

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