SexyScopes for October, 2013

29 Sep

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News for all signs:

Libra***Sun in Libra thru 10/23 supports mediation and compromise; ***New Moon in Libra 10/4 brings a lovely evening to enjoy (or wish for) true romance; ***Full Moon in Aries w/penumbral lunar eclipse 10/18 could trigger aggression & unexpected arguments; ***Mercury will be retrograde 10/21-11/10—computer, communication & travel difficulties possible (Info on eclipses and retrograde planets at>Astrology Basics)

The forecasts below involve two of my passions – astrology and tarot. The first card is a general message, the second is about love & relationships (sexual, romantic, friendly, familial). The interpretations are from my book, “Tarot of The Lotus Circle”, but you’ll have to use a little intuition to determine what it means to you personally. Have fun!

ARIES – March 21 to April 19

The Hanged Man: What you await is in a “holding pattern”, but it is in your atmosphere. On the full moon night, meditate on removing the obstacle that’s preventing it from landing at your airport, then practice your patience. It will come when the time is right.

7 of Wands: The obstacle between you and the perfect relationship is something or someone from the past. Discussion could help but only if it accompanies the process of letting go.

TAURUS  – April 20 to May 20

9 of Cups: Your wish is coming true, though it may not be as you expected. The Universe really does know best. Remember to say thank you to your Spirit Guides and human supporters. Take the time to celebrate with them. (Yep, this is the same card that came up for you last month!)

2 of Coins: You are in a period of having to juggle family and career. You’ll do okay as long as you stay alert. If single, you may be juggling two love interests. A choice will be demanded in the near future. Be prepared with a decision or you’ll lose both.

GEMINI – May 21 to June 20

9 of Wands: Patience. The Universe will allow events to occur only when the time is right, no matter how much you fret.

8 of Coins: If single, you are about to enter a relationship unlike any you have experience with. If committed, you’re about to enter new territory, like parenthood, or a change of roles.

CANCER – June 21 to July 22

Lucky moon babies – Jupiter is visiting Cancer until next July, so you can expect a major goal or dream to be achieved before the Great Benefactor moves on, as long as you put in the necessary time and effort.

4 of Coins: Your unfounded fears have created an atmosphere of smoke and mirrors around you. Most of your worries are self-created, but they are magnetic. Stop attracting the worst by anticipating it.

10 of Cups: This is the Happily Ever After Card. The perfect relationship with a long-term commitment or marriage is coming into your life. Family relationships find the right balance.

LEO – July 23 to August 22

3 of Wands: Say thank you. The Universe is about to give you the success you’ve worked for. Now do something nice for someone else to keep the happiness ball rolling.

King of Cups: A kindhearted, generous male over 40, of light or grayed coloring, in a dramatic, caretaking or teaching career, will play an important role in your relationship area this month.

VIRGO – August 23 to September 22

10 of Swords: The horse is dead. Why are you still sitting on it, expecting it to take you somewhere? There’s a fresh ride just waiting for you to stop dwelling on what you lost and notice what you have. A whole team of Spirit Guides are standing by to support your new life plan.

The World: Everything you’ve been wishing for in a partner is right in front of you. All the obstacles between you have finally been cleared away.

LIBRA – September 23 to October 22

Judgment: Incidents and people from your past are coming back into your life to haunt or help you, depending on your previous behavior. It is time to take a good look at your life so far and rework the plan for going forward.

Strength: Your relationships are good and solid. If single, you are strong enough to go it alone until a suitable match comes along. The local gym is a great place to bump into that person.

SCORPIO – October 23 to November 21

King of Coins: A male over 40 with medium to gray coloring, who is either wealthy or his work involves handling other people’s money, will have a strong influence over a matter of great importance to you this month.

3 of Cups: The upcoming holiday is a great time to be with family, old friends and kindred spirits. Attend parties, join a club or group activity to meet an ideal mate, but don’t get serious right away.

SAGITTARIUS – November 22 to December 21

Hey Sag, Venus will be visiting you 10/8-11/5, enhancing your charms and your ability to attract a mate.

Prince of Cups: A transition is needed in the area of your health; this could be as simple as you needing more exercise or better nutrition, but if you’ve been putting off a checkup despite a physical complaint, this is the month to take care of it.

10 of Wands: All the relationships around you right now appear to be exhausting. It’s time to take a hard look at how much work you’re having to put into them and whether the work is worth it.

CAPRICORN – December 22 to January 19

3 of Coins: A Spirit Guide is standing by who is an expert in something you hope to accomplish. Trust that you will receive divine assistance as necessary and move forward confidently.

7 of Cups: You have multiple choices but seem to be waiting for a fantasy lover to appear. Connect your head to your heart then make a choice.

AQUARIUS – January 20 to February 18

Princess of Coins: You will get a message you’ve been waiting for about money, very possibly connected to something that required you to “show off” or toot your own horn.

Ace of Coins: You are about to meet someone new who is, or soon will be, financially well off. A money-making venture could bring you into the perfect partnership.

PISCES – February 19 to March 20

Wheel of Fortune: The energy of change is all around you. Ready or not, a major change is about to occur in your life, but you probably already sensed that. Instead of fretting over it, welcome it with open arms and the transition will go a lot more smoothly.

Temperance: You are, or soon will be, in a balanced, easy-going relationship. An old adage may claim nice guys may finish last, but what’s so bad about that? Not a good time to force big developments in any relationship.

For an introduction to astrology, tarot and numerology, I invite you to visit my personal website, FB–AuthorMarilynCampbell; tw–marilyncampbel3

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