Oh My GOD!

11 Sep

Never forget…

Passionate Reads

Oh  My  GOD… That was all I could say.

Not when I saw this  picture …




It was when I saw THIS image… 

 Ten years ago, Americans from across the country watched in disbelief and horror as the 9/11 tragedy unfolded.

 We watched with whomever and wherever we could, many hoping for some shred of news about missing friends and loved ones.

 Around those TV sets, strangers became friends and the entire country, a country that had heretofore never experienced a foreign act of war on its home soil, united for a common cause…Surviving 9/11.

 My blog is usually light-hearted and funny, but when I realized that my regular blog date would fall on 9/11, I knew that today’s post would have to be different.

 In respect and observance of the day, I am PURPOSELY posting this after the live coverage of the 9/11 Memorial dedication concludes.

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