Worst movie kisses

14 Jun

Gah, I’ve been a total slacker in posting recently, life has been…well let’s just say different than normal this year so my plans haven’t all panned out quite as expected unfortunately. But it happens right?

My daughters’ and I did a chick flick marathon last weekend. (My husband was at a ball tournament so he got a reprieve. LOL) Not sure how it came into the mix of movies but somehow we ended up watching First Knight. Damn Sean Connery is just one older man that really works for me, but I digress, the point of this blog post was bad kisses and holy crap Richard Gere’s kiss in that movie is not good. He kind of looks like he’s eating her face. My daughter’s found it very cringeworthy. Plus come on who’s going to pick Richard Gere over Sean Connery? LOL

This got me thinking about other bad movie kisses. These are a few I could think of.



3.This one can go either way, either best kiss cuz it’s funny or worst cuz eww.


Number 1& 2 is the same scene because it’s soooo gross it deserves two spots.

1& 2. 

I realize this one is supposed to be funny but ewwwwww. NOOOOOOO


Now this one is bad but it’s supposed to be and it’s soo funny.

Alright so those are a few of the worst movie kisses I can think of. Do you have any memorable bad kisses?


Have a great weekend.




One Response to “Worst movie kisses”

  1. shannonemmel June 14, 2013 at 6:37 pm #

    LOL… yep. Those were some preeeeety terrible kisses.

    BUT! I am 100% with ya on the Sean Connery thing. He is absolutely on my “do-able List”

    Damn…just DAMN!

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