Risky Business

17 Mar

SkydivingFirst a shout-out to my BFF & sister Bitch Goddess, Shannon Emmel – HAPPY BIRTHDAY! You are still one super-sexy broad!

My question to everyone today is…do you tend to take the road less traveled or stick to the familiar path?

I consider myself a “controlled” risk taker. For example, I’ve jumped out of an airplane, but I was firmly strapped to a younger, stronger pro all the way to the ground. I went on a solitary vision quest around the U.S., but I was in my car (with a coffee pot that could be powered by the cigarette lighter) and never ventured far from civilization.

I’m a firm believer that great rewards—whether money, love or memorable experiences—require some level of risk. Though “luck” and “serendipity” can certainly play a vital part, the individual still has to take the chance on whatever falls in her lap. The easy, rational route is to ignore the whisper of an enticing yet risky opportunity if one is in a fairly stable or comfortable situation.

When it comes to writing, I’ve had my share of taking risks as well as taking the “safe” road and I’ve had successes and failures both ways. But honestly, the risky ones were the most fun for me. Believe me, I know how hard it is to work on a story that doesn’t have a fixed market. I received 79 rejections on my futuristic romance novels before finally getting PYRAMID OF DREAMS published in 1992. A number of respected editors and agents repeatedly told me I had to write category or historical romances if I ever wanted to break into publishing. But I wanted to write a cross-genre series even if everyone insisted that was completely unmarketable. And so I ignored all the good advice and broke a barrier.

Twenty years later, I was still receiving letters from readers about those books and this year, I was finally convinced to convert them to e-books. I just finished updating and revising all four of the original books and, once they are uploaded, I plan on working on the fifth, which never made it to bookstores.  Blurbs and excerpts for the first two books, retitled FEVERED (Pyramid of Dreams) and FALCON’S RUN (Topaz Dreams), are available on my site now and I’ll soon add teasers for FIERCE VOYAGER (Stardust Dreams) and FINDING TIME (Stolen Dreams).

FEVERED – http://www.marilyncampbell.com/id72.html

FALCON’S RUN – http://www.marilyncampbell.com/id73.html

Hoping all your reads are Passionate,

Marilyn Campbell

www.marilyncampbell; FB: AuthorMarilynCampbell; TW: marilyncampbel3

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