Signs, Omens or Story Triggers?

3 Mar

Baby OwlThe other night, this baby owl landed (or fell out of a tree) onto our patio and made enough racket for us to investigate. A cat had the poor thing cornered. My daughter’s reaction was to rush out and chase the cat away, then stand guard in the shadows until the mama could safely rescue its chick. My reaction was to rush for my “Animal Speak” book to check out what the owlet’s appearance meant.

As a student of metaphysics, I firmly believe everything happens for a reason. Unfortunately, no amount of studying guarantees being able to come up with what that reason is. So was the owl’s appearance a sign of expanded wisdom and perception? An omen of a death or ending? Or was the entire event a trigger for a new story?

As an author, my mind always leaps from an image or event to a story idea. Sometimes those ideas turn into books. In this case, I immediately recalled the Barbra Streisand/George Segal romantic comedy, “The Owl and the Pussycat”. Sure, I could write that love story with a different angle but I realized I was more interested in the cat’s motivation than the adorable but helpless bird. The yellow cat had looked more curious than aggressive and it was too plump to be hungry. Suddenly I was imagining an alien falling out of the sky and though it was totally harmless, the natives wanted to poke and prod it— Oh wait, that’s been done too.

So maybe this one wasn’t a story trigger after all. Maybe it was a sign of something unusual and interesting about to come into our lives. Then again, maybe it was telling me to write a story about a woman who lets signs and omens control all her decisions, until one day…

Whether you’re a writer or believer in signs, I hope you never stop letting your imagination run amok when a trigger appears!

Marilyn Campbell; fb: authormarilyncampbell; tw: marilyncampbel3

2 Responses to “Signs, Omens or Story Triggers?”

  1. Juli D. Revezzo March 3, 2013 at 2:00 pm #

    I’m going to say Story Trigger, Marilyn. Owls always bring to mind Athena to me. So i could totally see writing something about it. 🙂 Good luck with it.

    • Marilyn Campbell March 3, 2013 at 5:29 pm #

      I actually have Athena with an owl on her shoulder in my 4th Innerworld book! I just finished updating & reformatting it to be released in e-book & hadn’t even given that a thought! PLUS, my daughter is a Wonder Woman collector, totally connected to Athena as well! Wow, Juli, thanks for connecting the dots in a totally different way.

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