A Quicky Holiday Tale (Naughty Flash FIction)

20 Dec

With a wink of his eye
and a flick of his wrist
Santa’s helper unfurled
a very long naughty list.

She’d made the naughty list?
Willful woman that she was, that wasn’t a surprise.
But there was something vaguely familiar
about his twinkling blue eyes.

While he laid out switches
in a row a long the hearth.
She tried to quell twitches
in unmentionable body parts.

With a crook of his finger
and a nod of his head
he had her assume the position
that filled her with kinky dread.

Without another word
He got right to work
whipping up  a rosy bottom
that made her squirm and jerk.

“Sir,” she pleaded, “I was naughty, it’s true, but,
babe…er…Mr. Helper I promise to be good.
I’ll do things to please you.
You never imagined I could.”

He pretended to consider,
Brow furrowed, lips pursed.
But their game stirred diverse needs
compelling him to drop the switch with a curse

He stripped off his red suit
and  soothed her with kisses as he turned out the light…
“Happy Holidays, dear readers. May the new year bring you all
many fun kinky nights.”


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