Naughty or Nice?

9 Dec

Which would you rather get as a sexy Christmas present? A slam-bam quickie with a near stranger in a public parking garage or fine dining, slow dancing and seductive words in a romantic mountain resort?

The heroines of two of my Christmas novellas, START YOUR ENGINES and GHOSTS OF CHRISTMAS PAST, are at the two ends of that question . The truth is, all us girls are made up of a mix of sugar and spice…it just all depends on how we get stirred up.



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Felicity Flowers is one-hundred percent nice girl…all the time. But she’s also lost the ability to believe in miracles, Christmas or any other sort. Only someone as delectable as Wesley Haversham XII could possibly get through the barriers she’s built.

Journalist Felicity Flower’s reason for visiting the charming little town of Haversham, Vermont is to uncover the truth behind the claim that the colonial Haversham Inn is haunted. Mayor Wesley Haversham XII’s reason for luring her there is to attract more tourists to the magical place that his family has called home for centuries.

Although Felicity and Wes have only business on their minds, the townspeople and their ghostly ancestors stir up a little mischief to make sure that everyone gets what they truly want for Christmas.



Appolonia McGee is a nice girl…most of the time. But if she gets around jungle-cat-sleek sports cars or hears the roar of a powerful, unmuffled engine, she turns as naughty as a gal can get. Apple has a barely controllable fetish connected to hot cars. And Erik Santana is just the bad boy to help Apple with her little problem.

Apple McGee has impatiently waited all year for the December auto show. She isn’t just an admirer. Jungle-cat-sleek sports cars are her fetish. Erik Santana has been waiting as well. His wife finally divorced him over his “unnatural obsession” with cars, allowing him the freedom to pursue the woman he’d fantasized about for years.

Apple remembers noticing Erik and his powerful muscle car before but this year, instead of showing off his prized possession, his attention is focused on seducing her. When he introduces her to his private collection of vehicles, her arousal is uncontrollable.

What they do in, on and around those super-hot rides fulfills every sexual fantasy Erik and Apple ever had.


I wish you all a delightful, safe and sexy holiday season!

Marilyn Campbell; FB: AuthorMarilynCampbell; TW: marilyncampbel3

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