Back to the Future

11 Nov

Nope, today’s blog is not about time travel or Michael J. Fox. Rather, it’s about my literally going back to the futuristic romances I wrote long, long ago and preparing them to be converted to e-books.

The series about an alien world in the center of the earth (Innerworld) was originally released in the early nineties, commencing with PYRAMID OF DREAMS.  Amazingly, I have recently received several emails from readers who, not only remember the series with fondness, but let me know they are looking forward to getting those books in digital form. Those wonderful readers have convinced me to get back to my intended backlist conversion schedule regardless of all the monkey-wrenches the universe has tossed my way over the last year.

Unfortunately, it’s not just a matter of scanning the old paperbacks and sending them off to the multitude of book e-tailers. There’s the little matter of updating to be dealt with. As I started to proofread, I found myself cringing over the writing style, terminology and phrasing that has not stood the test of time. Obviously, technology has change drastically since 1990 but a few things I imagined would be available in the future are already in use today.

But more than technology has changed. My first book heroine, Aster, was the head of a foundation supporting important environmental issues in Outerworld…like getting curbside pickups for recycling. Seriously. On the other hand, the Innerworld advantages having to do with cleaning and laundry haven’t come anywhere near manifestation yet. Nor do we have anything close to an Indulgence Center where a customer can select their entertainment and pampering off a menu that includes a very wide range of sexual pleasures.

For those who never heard of my futuristic romances or those who could use a reminder, here are the blurbs for the first two books.


When a yacht is hijacked and taken into the Bermuda Triangle, the passengers and pirates are catapulted into a futuristic world in the center of the Earth. The primary purpose of Innerworld, which is inhabited by humanoids with enhanced mental abilities, is to mine a rare energy source for their home planet, Norona. Many others have been accidentally pulled through the doorway in the Triangle but one of these New Arrivals, Aster Mackenzie, challenges two of Innerworld’s primary laws: 1) no Terran can return to Outerworld and 2) Noronians and Terrans are not permitted to mate.

The heart cannot always heed such laws however. When Aster unexpectedly triggers the powerful Noronian mating fever in Chief Administrator Romulus Locke, they have no choice but to risk everything, even life itself, to be together.


Book II of the Innerworld series sends Falcon, half-human/half-feline tracker, to San Francisco to retrieve a special Innerworld ring stolen from Romulus in Book I when he and Aster were in Outerworld. What should have been an easy assignment for the extremely gifted agent becomes complicated when his path repeatedly crosses that of private investigator Stephanie (“Steve”) Barbanell. It is soon discovered that they are both after the same villain—eccentric billionaire Gordon Underwood—and they agree to join forces. The labyrinth-like trail takes them from San Francisco to Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Miami and the Alaskan frontier. Underwood is a genius but Steve’s skills are formidable and Falcon’s are paranormal.

A sexual virgin, Falcon believes that submission to the weaker, emotional elements of his human half would cause him to lose his superior Felan abilities. Keeping his identity secret while fighting his desire for Steve turns out to be much harder for Falcon than locating Underwood and the missing ring. It is only when he surrenders all that he is to Steve does he begin to understand his destiny.


The revised, updated versions will have new covers, of course, as well as a new titles, which I’ll share once I’ve decided what those will be. Meanwhile, I’ll keep you posted as I progress.

My question to everyone today is the same one I asked all my friends over two decades ago when I started writing PYRAMID OF DREAMS. What one new thing or improvement would you personally like to see in the future? If it’s not already in my manuscript, I’ll try to fit it in.

Hoping all your reads are Passionate,

Marilyn Campbell; FB: AuthorMarilynCampbell; TW: marilyncampbel3

2 Responses to “Back to the Future”

  1. Phoebe Conn November 11, 2012 at 6:19 pm #

    Hi Marilyn,
    There have been so many medical discoveries and advancements since 1990. If no one is ill or injured, you won’t need to update, however. Technology has progressed at rapid speed too. Good luck with updating your futuristics.

    • Marilyn Campbell November 12, 2012 at 11:56 am #

      Hi Phoebe,
      Thanks so much for the visit! It’s always so encouraging to hear from a kindred spirit who remembers when.. Always loved your futuristics! Hugs, Marilyn

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