Relating to the Heroine

19 Oct

As many of you know I’m a HUGE sports fan. More often than not if the TV is on in our house there is some sort of sporting event on it. Thank goodness my Detroit Tigers made it to the World Series because with the hockey strike I’m not getting my fix that way. Anyways you’re probably wondering where I’m going with all of this. LOL

I was sitting down to plot my next book and thinking about the storyline and my heroine. The woman that I was picturing is really kind of girly in a lot of ways and when it comes to sports? Forget about it. She doesn’t play them, watch them or honestly even like them at all, which is completely shocking to me *grin*.

Sadly for someone like me it takes a little bit to get inside the head of that kind of character. LOL Heck the other day my husband’s buddy was complaining on the phone how his wife was making them take dance lessons and he told my hub’s don’t mention it to Laur or she’ll have you taking them. My husband laughed and said “not a chance”. Predictably, I said I’d rather take the money and go to a ball game. Yep, I’m hopeless.

So yeah getting inside the head of a my new character was taking a little bit more work, I had to do some tweaking to the original plan but I think I’ve got a good handle on her now. Deep down at the core we aren’t that different. LOL

Some characters take a little more planning then others because like people they are multi-dimensional and what makes them tick is unique to each one. Weirdly for it all to come together for me I have to find something in common with my heroine’s in order to really get inside their heads.

Hang on before you go there NO it doesn’t mean what you’re thinking. Geez, guys, get your mind out of the gutter. LOL

It can be something as silly as enjoying the same beer or a deep love of the ocean, just one little string that I can grasp to help me understand them a little better. Does it make sense? Probably not but there you go. LOL

I do it when I read as well. The heroine’s that I enjoy the most are the ones I can relate to in some small way. Again it can be something really small that we share it common. She can be my complete opposite in every way but if I share one teeny tiny thing in common then I can relate easier which makes it a more enjoyable read for me.

All of this got me wondering, am I the only one who does this or do we all do that? In each book is there a little piece of us in the story? Whether it’s a descriptor of the character’s appearance, their career, a great group of friends or just a favorite drink, is there something that’s you woven in?


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