Oops. Forgot it was my turn to blog.

9 Oct

I’ve been neck deep in edits since I returned from a long weekend erotic romance writers retreat. 🙂 Good thing I’m still on a high from the great weekend. We laughed, talked, there was even a spanking position demonstration. Lucky there were no photos of that! Plenty of wine and food were consumed and now that I’m home and back in the middle of work I’m suffering from withdrawal. 😦

Nothing beats hanging out with friends who not only get the way your mind works but want to talk about all those naughty thoughts you and your characters have. 😆 I’ll leave you with some pix of the wonderful place we stayed.


The house we stayed in was in a mountain area and slept 18 total. The lounge, kitchen, dining area was huge so the 12 of us had no worries about falling over each other.


This is the whole group at a local pub where we had a yummy lunch. Twice!

It was a great weekend and we’re already talking about next years retreat. 🙂 Better get back to those edits if I expect to be able to afford to go. 😆

Rhian Cahill


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