It’s raining releases!

10 Sep

I’ve been in the writing and editing cave for weeks now. I’ve gone from having nothing happening to contracts and releases raining down and let’s face it, I’m not going to complain about that. 🙂 Who would? On top of the two new releases this month I’ve had two new contracts and a third tentatively offered if I could get the book done asap. That was when I hit the writing cave and managed a 16k novella in four days. I’m still waiting on the ‘official’ word so I can scream the details from the rooftop but I can say I’ll be releasing a holiday anthology before the end of the year. *happy dances* Christmas Wishes and New Years Kisses are a little lower on the heat level than I usually write but they’re still on the hot side of the romance genre. I’m really excited about this anthology and can’t wait to share more details. The other contract is for a super short super hot contemporary that will be released from Momentum Books later this year or early next. Shut Up And Kiss Me is part of Momentum’s Hot Down Under line of shorts and you can find out details on all the books and the Aussie authors behind them on the Hot Down Under blog HERE! The unofficial blurb for Shut Up And Kiss Me

The city of Sydney isn’t the only thing heating up this summer.

Jacqueline Mowbray has spent months fantasizing about her friend Reese and never once did she consider he may be suffering the same unrelenting attraction. But Jac is about to find out what Reese wants Reese gets.

Reese Barnes has kept a lid on his simmering desire for Jac for years but what’s a man to do when faced with a hot, wet woman wearing only a towel? Take what he wants of course.

As the city around them melts under a summer heat wave these two friends will discover the sizzling temperatures aren’t the only thing boiling over.

Warning: This story contains more than rising temperatures and the author advises the reader to have a cold drink or suitable partner to help combat the heat.


And the two books coming out this month –


Available September 14, 2012

One bad date, a hug and a near kiss turn the tides on these three friends forever.

Inseparable since childhood, Brandon, Zeke and Sunnie have developed a bond that has stood the test of time without the complicated addition of sexual attraction. Until now. Sunnie always thought she’d have the perfect normal life by now but every guy she dates turns out to be a bigger dud than the last. It’s a shame her two best friends are off limits. They’d both be perfect for her but she could never pick between them and wouldn’t risk losing either one by choosing.

Rand isn’t sure what it is that’s different but the second Sunnie comes storming in after another bad date he notices a change. Offering comfort is all he wants to do but doing so unleashes a desire he’s kept hidden for years. One he’s no longer able to control. One that proves more intense with each encounter. Taking the biggest gamble of his life he makes an offer he hopes neither of his friends can refuse.

Z knows the pact he and Rand made all those years ago is off. He also knows the rules of the game are different to any other he’s played. But being with Sunnie is worth it and being with her without Rand is unthinkable so when his best mate suggests the three of them would work well in the bedroom he isn’t about to let the subject drop.

Together, Zeke and Rand set out to seduce Sunnie into believing in what they have to offer. The only thing in their way is Sunnie’s unusual upbringing and her desire for a traditional life.



Available September 25, 2012 – Pre-Order from SAMHAINAMAZONBARNES & NOBLE

Just when you think you know the rules, the game changes.

Party Games, Book 4

Lillian McDermott can’t complain about the years she’s spent at the top of a career she never wanted. But modelling gave her everything. Amazing experiences and enough money to leave it all behind to start her own perfume and fashion label.

The one thing it didn’t give her is Mackenzie Harris. Her brother’s best friend. The man who sees her only as a surrogate little sister. Now, at the launch party for the next phase of her life, she’s done waiting. She’s going to rock Mac’s world until ignoring her is the last thing on his mind.

Mac isn’t blind to Lilli’s charms, and he never has been. But no best mate screws around with a little sister, no matter how tempting. No matter how much he wants to show her exactly how he’d like to respond to her teasing. But this time she’s gone too far, and he’s not backing down. She started it, and he’s going to finish it.

One spin of the bottle turns friends to lovers. But as the boundaries come down, everything changes. Including what they thought they believed about the other.

Warning: Playing this game will result in breathless sexual anticipation, smoldering sexual chemistry and scorching sexual tension. And then the fun really starts…


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Rhian Cahill

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  1. Maria D. September 10, 2012 at 7:04 pm #

    WooHoo! Looking forward to the 2 new releases this month! yay you:)

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