The Mesmerist

30 Aug

Hypnotist (215/365)


His magic is his mind
Like a beautiful garden
A fragrant intoxicant
A sensual arrangement
Of colorful fantasy
Of textured thoughts
A place to immerse myself
To forget there is anything beyond him

When I am with him
I believe I can be
Before him life was empty
Barren as the crabapple out back
A parade of blossomless springs
Fruitless summers

And I know
I know
Gardens like him have thorns
Yet I go to him gloveless
Opening my hand
Palm up
Offering myself
Eager as an addict for a needle


Before a book is accepted for publication I have a working title, but for one reason or another those titles often don’t make it to the cover of the final product. My working title for Blind Heat was The Mesmerist’s Tale.

Before I start writing a novel, I often start writing a journal from a a character’s viewpoint. The above poem was an excerpt from Allie’s journal (heroine from Blind Heat). I guess every author has a different way to get in character. I must have at least a dozen. The character journals are my favorites.


Hugs and prayers to everyone getting hammered by Isaac.

One Response to “The Mesmerist”

  1. Marilyn Campbell August 31, 2012 at 7:24 am #

    Love your characters Nara, however you discover them!

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