26 Aug

We’re buckled down for “Isaac” here in South Florida… so thanks to “mywithershins”, et al, for today’s blog post!

See ya all on the OTHER side of the storm!




Elodie at commutinggirl shared a marvelous idea from Stephanie Perkins, who was a guest on Natalie Whipple’s blog regarding the creation of ‘Love Lists‘. Basically what this involves is listing all the things you love about the story you’re writing to help keep you focussed on what is important and what you like about the story, so that when you’re editing, you can throw away all the stuff that didn’t make it on your list. This creates a tighter story. After all, if you only keep the bits you like about your story, the more likely your reader will enjoy it!

After reading these posts, I thought I’d go back through some of my older stories that I haven’t had the gumption to send out into the world, just to see what it is about them that I like. This might help me when writing out query letters…

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