Hanging with my peeps!

14 Aug

🙂 This time tomorrow I’ll be on the Gold Coast, which is in sunny Queensland, Australia, for the Romance Writers of Australia national conference. Now other than the warmer weather the thing I’m looking forward to the most is hanging out with three of my best writer pals.


L to R: Jess Dee, Rhian Cahill, Sami Lee & Lexxie Couper

That’s us two years ago at the same conference. Last time we stayed at Jess Dee’s house because she lived just down the road from the conference hotel but this time we’ve got an apartment for the five days across the road from the conference. There’s been mention of champers and a hot tub, talking and writing, oh, and let’s not forget the panels and workshops at the conference. 🙂

It’s been a rough few months in the Cahill household and I’m more than ready to get away and be with those that ‘get’ me. Plus there’s the bonus of not having to do laundry. Or cook dinner. Or be a taxi service…. 😆

My bag’s packed and all my devices are charged. Now all I have to do is wait 12 hours and hop on a plane! Of course I get to sleep away about 8 of those hours so it won’t seem nearly that long. And the best part is it’s only an hour and a half flight. No chance of running out of battery on my ereader. 🙂 This time tomorrow I’ll be chatting with Sami and probably laughing my ass off cause she’s one super funny lady. It’s always a blast to hang out with Sami, Jess and Lexxie and I’m sure this time will be no different.

If you want to keep up with what I’m doing check out my FaceBook Page or my Twitter stream. Oh, and you can search Twitter for the #RWAus12 tag and see what us Aussie’s get up to at conference.

Rhian Cahill


One Response to “Hanging with my peeps!”

  1. Marilyn Campbell August 14, 2012 at 9:09 am #

    Have a fabulous time Rhian!

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