Breathless Anticipation

2 Jul

Is there anything hotter than the awareness that an orgasmic event is getting closer and closer? In fact, without a building anticipation, the climax can turn out to be anti-climactic. However, when it comes to the release of a new book, I find the longer the waiting time, the harder it is to stay excited about it. But that has not been the case with the book I have coming out this week.

Perhaps because SERVING NICOLE is part of a new multi-author creative effort, the orgy-like foreplay has been more arousing than usual. Or maybe it is simply that my waiting time has been filled with the exhausting distraction of moving cross-country. Either way, I am dancing-on-the-table excited about the release of this story. The paranormal erotic romance series is called Passion’s Portal and centers around the mysterious Shadowling Manor, goddess power and Magick! Witches and wizards, werewolves, shifters, dragons and selkies… Shadowling Manor is an Equal Opportunity Paranormal Environment. Every room has a secret, every portrait a history, and any door just might be a portal to another realm.

SERVING NICOLE comes out with a bang on the 4th of July and the accompanying, interactive website,, promises to bring some fireworks to the celebration!

Nicole Claret’s uncontrolled empathic abilities forced her into a solitary life. Though occasionally consumed with sexual need, self-service has been her only option. When her intuition draws her to Shadowling Manor, she receives an all-or-nothing choice about her future. She can have a “normal”, ungifted life or embrace every aspect of a magickal existence, including using sex to manifest power.

Her challenge is delivered by Brett Donahue, a gorgeous, high-level wizard whose specialty is sex magick. He uses his unique talents to teach her how to control her abilities and prepare for her destiny…but he holds back one huge secret until it’s too late for her to change her mind.

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The following excerpt contains adult content…

                    SERVING NICOLE


The Goddess of Alchemy took her place at the top of the pentagram. The four other Elemental Goddesses had already taken their positions, waiting, feeling, anticipating the ritual ahead. A warm breeze filtered through the temple and ruffled the silken robes the women wore. Green, yellow, red, blue and white, a color for each of the elements. Earth, air, fire, water, and the binding element, alchemy.

She began the ritual by stating the purpose of the gathering. “A lost daughter needs our guidance to find her destiny. We must open the portals of Shadowling and draw her there.”

Five members of the Brotherhood approached and stood behind the Goddesses. Brown muslin wrapped the men in secrecy. With practiced precision, each removed the robe of the woman before him.

At the first sensuous touch, the Goddess of Alchemy’s eyelids closed. Light as feathers, her consort’s fingertips trailed down her body, over her hips, her buttocks, her thighs, her mons. As her partner pushed his body closer to hers, a familiar, pulsing need bubbled to life in her lower abdomen. His hand slid between her thighs and skilled fingers pressed deep into her pussy. Like the others, she couldn’t hold back the moan that escaped her lips. With every stroke, her companion forced her closer and closer to the brink of release, just as his brethren did with the other Goddesses. Their passions rose in perfect unison, blending and coiling like sentient smoke, burning hotter and hotter, reaching out until their passions coalesced.

Only then did the she speak again, “Goddess of Earth, bring life to flower and field and tree. Goddess of Air, breathe life into all you see. Goddess of Fire, cleanse the soul and set our daughters free. Goddess of Water, calm the raging emerald seas. Our connection is sealed. So mote it be.”

“So mote it be,” the other Goddesses repeated as they continued feeding off each other’s sexual energy. Finally, the raw, volatile power consumed them and they erupted in simultaneous orgasm.

The surge encircled them, crackling through the temple, suspending them in pleasure. The energy from their climaxes harmonized and the portal connecting them to Shadowing Manor sizzled open, like lightning across a dark sky. The sacred manor now resonated with the powers of the Goddesses, calling to the lost one, drawing her to the place where she’d find her heart’s path, where she’d be healed, be cured, be shown life’s perfect, irrefutable truth…

Sex creates power. Sex gives life. Sex is life.

This is the legacy of Shadowling Manor.


For the full first chapter, go to:

One Response to “Breathless Anticipation”

  1. shannonemmel July 2, 2012 at 7:59 am #

    “Serving Nicole” is a Fantastic Read! Looking forward to the release on Wednesday and the other books in the series to follow.


    Can’t wait!


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