Winter blues.

19 Jun

You know I always thought the term ‘winter blues’ came about because people often feel down during those cold months of the year but this morning I discovered a very different ‘winter blues’. Seriously it was so cold here this morning that I was turning blue. And let me just say, blue really isn’t my color! I hate the cold. When we lived in Singapore it was summer all year round. The only season there is wet or not wet. 🙂 But in the land down under there are four distinct seasons and while I love the changes in our garden I’m not so fond of the cold that comes with it. We’re barely into winter down here and I’m already hanging out for summer.

I have so little motivation when I’m cold and lately I’ve been cold 24/7. Makes for a difficult life that’s for sure. I find myself hunching over my desk in an attempt to keep warm and that means I have to get up and move around more than normal or end up with a back spasm and three days in bed with a migraine. *sigh* Although I will admit my office area is a hell of a lot warmer now we’ve removed the wall that use to block the heat from our big gas fire. Of course anything below 24C is cold to me and there’s no way Mr.C will let me run the fire on high all day every day. Then again what he doesn’t know…..

So help me out here, give me some ideas on how to keep warm this chilly winter.

Rhian Cahill

One Response to “Winter blues.”

  1. mywithershins June 19, 2012 at 10:30 am #

    The last few weeks, we’ve been lucky to even reach 20 degrees – and we’re almost into our SUMMER! I suggest putting on an extra sweater and a cozy pair of slippers! 🙂

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