Little Black …er PINK Notebook

16 Jun

I work for a software company. You can have my Kindle when you pry it from my cold dead hands. I spend about 37 hours a day on my computer. And my right hand has been replaced by my BlackBerry.

Despite all of that, I tend to be pretty old school when it comes to plotting and note taking. I prefer index cards and miniature notebooks.  Up until a few weeks ago, I actually possessed a Little Black Notebook. But instead of holding the names and numbers of boyfriends, exs and hook ups, this book held pieces and plot points of more than 50 stories.

It has since been lost to me.  I’ve mourned its lost in the ways most people reserve for beloved pets and have had multiple dreams were it’s not lost, but misplaced and LOOKIT WHAT I FOUND!!!

I have since replaced it with a hot pink, fatter notebook in hopes that the cheeriness will help me cope. I know that all of those ideas sprang from my head, and thus aren’t lost forever, but it’s hard to keep the faith in the face of so many blank pages.


If you have suggestions for a better system, I’m all ears. I even have the perfect place to take notes….



Who wishes all thoughts could join The Cloud & tiny notebooks (regardless of cheery color) wouldn’t be necessary. If you want to hear more of Sasha’s ramblings, visit her at or follow her on Twitter @SashaDevlin. You can also peep her pins on Pinterest here

One Response to “Little Black …er PINK Notebook”

  1. Marilyn Campbell June 16, 2012 at 10:14 am #

    Aah Sasha, I feel your pain. But I hope this is one of those times when there’s a silver lining in that dark cloud. Like maybe losing that book will open a space for a fantastic new idea to come rushing in!

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