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7 Jun

Pantheria Island


Got the cubicle blues?

I love to experiment. You probably know that. So I’ve been making games. The hidden object game looks like it has the potential to be the coolest, but I just found it this morning, so I haven’t time to test it to its full potential. It was in moderation the last time I checked so I don’t know if the link will work for you, but it does for me. It takes a minute to load.  In my newest novel, Blind Heat, Marcus loses Hella–a hybrid cat with a human brain that he rescued from a research lab.  So I had to make a hidden object cat search:

Hella Hunt

I launched the site this week and have been adding material from my worldbuilding for the Pantherian Passions series. I’ll be adding material from the mutlti-author Passion’s Portal series too, because all the stories I write for that series will include therians. The first story in the series, Serving Nicole by Marilyn Cambell, will be availalble July 4th.  I’ll add material for my Passions Portal therians to Therianverse next month, but in the meantime you can check out all my Pantherian material:  a lexicon, a Pantherian primer (will help you with this next game), a virtual replica of Pantheria Island where you can search for the secret Crystal Cave, and more. Keep checking back because I’m always adding stuff. Like a games page going up today 🙂

This next game I made is a word search that includes the names of the eight great Pantherian tribes and animals associated with each tribe. There’s a word list which helps you find the hidden words, but test yourself and see if you can figure out which tribe each animal belongs to. If you get stuck you might find some clues in the Pantherian Primer over at

The Eight Great Pantherian Tribes Word Search

And here’s a crossword puzzle you can play if you’ve read the book. You might be able to guess the answers if you haven’t. Give it a try.

Blind Heat Crossword


So to kick-off off what I plan on being a summer of hot reading and fun games, I joined the Summer kick-off blog hop. You can drop in at and comment here to get entered in a drawing for a copy of the Tiger’s Tale,the first book in the Pantherian Passions series. and then follow the blog hop link at the end of the post  to get entered in drawings from other wonderful authors.

And if all that isn’t enough fun and excitement for you, I have an interview with a female werewolf over at the Nara Malone blog today. I met Julianna Morris, heroine of Queen Bitch of Callowwood Pack,  in the Metaverse and she agreed to do a taped the interview. Author Siobhan Muir is offering a signed copy of her cover art.  Comment here to get in the drawing.

Okay, all that should keep you busy until lunch. Have fun.

One Response to “Games and Giveaways”

  1. Marilyn Campbell June 7, 2012 at 11:45 am #

    You are just so dang much fun, Nara! I loved Tiger’s Tale & I wish you tons and tons of success with Blind Heat and all your Therians.

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