Gooooood Morning!

20 May

Thought I’d give everyone a bit of delicious hotness to wake up to this morning…

Whaddaya think?









I’m helping someone move this weekend, and it brought back memories of my own move alst July.

My blog for that weekend was “Stipper Poles and Sex on the Dining Room Table” .

Since I have to meet the moving truck shortly, I don’t have time to “reminisce”, but here’s the link if you want to see what “Stripper poles” had to do with my move… and why a particular someone is NOT helping with this move 🙂

As for today, the one thing I did want to tell everyone is that I have been hard at work recruiting “Guest Bloggers” to add to our fantastic group of regular bloggers here at  Passionate Reads.

Coming up in the next weeks are a few returing guests including Cristal Ryder and some new guests. Here are few od them:

Kele Moon

Jan Springer

Cheryl Dragon

Ruby Duval

Deb Stover

Plus these NY Times/USA Today Best-Selling authors…

Jade Lee

Joan Johnston

Marsha Canham

…And MORE!

Wanna make sure you don’t miss them?


 Movers are waiting… gotta run for now!

On second thought…

 Maybe I could be coaxed back to bed…

for just a little while…

Enjoy your day!


One Response to “Gooooood Morning!”

  1. Marilyn Campbell May 20, 2012 at 10:21 am #

    If he was in my bed I know I wouldn’t be getting up any time soon! Love that lineup of upcoming guests!!!

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