Delicious decisions and devil’s food dreams

18 May

Fudgy DeliciousnessAn idea for a new novel is like a slice of fudgy deliciousness awaiting that first bite. The scent of the chocolate makes your taste buds tingle in anticipation. Awareness is heightened and senses are primed to bathe in the silky sweet flavor of joy.

Right now, I’m just having trouble deciding which dessert to choose first! Oh, the options… Would you help me decide?

Of series I could add to further, No Apologies and Acting Out are in the world and sailing along nicely. I’m having so much fun with readers and am so grateful for their love of these two books! Recently, Loose Id accepted the third book in the series, Full Disclosure.

Then there’s Sheet Music and Undercover Lover–both set in the same universe with some recurring characters, but both very different books. Sheet Music is a sexy and glamorous temptation between a rock star and a journalist determined to get his story at any cost. Undercover Lover is something of an underworld spy thriller. The third book in the series, Hard Target, is under way, and is also a sexy spy game. I’ve been tickled to death by the reader response to Gunter–both on the cover and on the page. You guys are so much fun!Acting Out cover

Then there’s the country club story (a male/male romance). And the gossip story (an erotic romance). Don’t even get me started on the paranormal romance I’ve been chipping away at off and on for over two years. Last, but not least, of my fully developed yet still unwritten stories, are the D/s sexcapades from Greg and Aaron of No Apologies fame. By far the most sexual of my stories, these shorts are aimed at pure reader fun and titillation.

So, with so many decadent desserts to choose from, how’s a girl to decide what to work on next? I have two books half written and three in the immediate wings. I want to write them ALL right now! I have the same problem as a reader. How do I know which book in my TBR pile to fork up next? Are you a writer? A reader? How do you decide?

Undercover LoverFor fun, I’m taking votes. Would you like to choose for me? Tell me what to write next? I promise, my muse will take your votes and your words of wisdom under advisement! Whatever I decide, I’ll let you know on Twitter. Follow me there as TibbyArmstrong, and if you’re not a spammer, chances are I’ll follow you back!

Happy reading!

2 Responses to “Delicious decisions and devil’s food dreams”

  1. Denise May 18, 2012 at 5:41 am #

    Why do you make my choices so hard???? I wanted to check all of the boxes, but I clicked Simon’s story and my options were closed. 🙂 I would * love * to see Dead Again written, but I’m sort of really jonesing for Simon’s story. Okay, jonesing like an addict…there’s no “sort of” to it!

    Thanks for continuing to entertain and give me a reading escape I can always count on to be solid.

    • Tibby Armstrong May 18, 2012 at 6:09 am #

      You are not alone on wanting Simon’s story next, but I bet you already knew that my friend. *grin*

      Hugs you,

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