Are you pinning?

2 May

The newest social media craze I’ve actually participated in is Pinterest. I was very hesitant, because I didn’t want to add anything else to my social media life. Heck, I have enough time keeping up with Twitter and Facebook. Why add something more?

But after looking into it, it is actually not at all difficult, and is a fantastic way to quickly save things. Rather than bookmark something (like a blog with a recipe I want to try, for example) I simply “Pin It” and the photo goes directly to Pinterest so I can go find it later. Now I don’t have an entire list of bookmarked blogs with recipes. I can open my Recipe Board and find it in the snap of a finger!

And, of course, Pinterest is also great for things like a Man Candy board… All my inspiration in one delightful spot. Excellent!

Do YOU use Pinterest? I’m in there with my other pen name, Jeanette Murray. Go look me up and friend me or whatever!


Who also writes contemporary romance as Jeanette Murray

Who tweets as @authorKJReed and @JeanetteMurray

Who updates Facebook as /kjreedbooks and /jeanettemurraybooks

who timeshares online space at and

Who has more personality issues than Sybil…

One Response to “Are you pinning?”

  1. Tibby Armstrong May 2, 2012 at 8:45 pm #

    LOVE pinterest! It’s a great place to keep all of those inspirational pics and share the inside of my head with readers in a more visual way. Some people are good at including pictures with their blog posts, but I never have been. Pinterest gives me a different way to scratch that visual itch.

    Thanks for the fun post, KJ! : )


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