Sex & Politics

25 Apr

Got your attention yet?

Recently there’s been a bit of a, well, we’ll call it a brouhaha surrounding the White House and a sex scandal.

No. Not that one. A tad more recent.

Yeah, no. Not that one either. Unlike the Clinton scandal in the 90s, or Kennedy and his alleged affair with Marilyn Monroe, this one doesn’t directly involve the President or any of his aides or international celebrities.

It does involve…

Just google it. I won’t rehash here, because that’s not really the point. Needless to say…whew.

But this brought two very interesting topics crashing together: Sex and Politics. Two very polarizing items that people tend to have set views on. There are always political scandals. But it seems as though there are political scandals, and POLITICAL SCANDALS. And those in the latter category often involve sex…or the hint of sex. (Nudie pics, anyone?)

So I wondered how this mattered in the fictional world. Do you like to mix your sex and politics? Or do you want nothing to do with them in the same book? Would a romance with a politician just freak you out, or drive you insane with glee?

How do you want your sex? With a side of congress, or straight up?


3 Responses to “Sex & Politics”

  1. Yelle Hughes (@YelleHughes) April 25, 2012 at 8:26 am #

    Great topic discussion, as for politics and sex (in my own opinion) I don’t think I could deal with an unfaithful politician. He would have to be single and maybe fall in love with a person that is either the opposite sex or someone from the wrong side of the tracks. They would have to deal with their constituents and beat all the odds. I’m getting excited just thinking about a novel like that lol!

  2. Nara Malone April 26, 2012 at 9:37 am #

    Interesting. I could see the fact that a guy is a politician, unmarried, would be a major hurdle he had to overcome to win the heroine’s heart. I can see him have to face down the threats and temptations that come with the job and that could lead to a good crisis. Or possibly even a politician with a kink side he’s trying to keep privatr so the competition won’t use it to destroy him. Sounds like the makings of a page turner.

  3. shannonemmel April 30, 2012 at 3:36 pm #

    Personally, I don’t really care WHO they’re sleeping with as long as they don’t SCREW this country!

    Remember, we’re talking politics here and, if you break the word down, you end up with “POLI” meaning “many”, and “TICS” meaning “blood-sucking parasites”.

    That pretty much sums it up, don’t ya think?

    Gotta love it…LOL!

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