Sexy Male Bunnies…The Reprise

8 Apr

“Oh Yummy…White and Dark Chocolate Easter Sundae Sexy ( Male) Bunnies” was the title of my post LAST Easter Sunday and it has been one of my most popular to date. It started out like this:

Yeah…just give me a spoon  and some whipped creme coz they BOTH look good enough to eat!

For those of you who have been following my blog, you know that I do at least make an effort to tie it into writing…on some level.   This week I  had a list of good intentions and good writing tips and then it  hit me.

That’s when I realized that my post would fall on “Easter Sunday” and, setting aside any and all serious or religious connotations, my mind went directly to (what else?)

 Chocolate Easter Bunnies!

Then it went straight… into…the gutter.

I thought of “Playboy” bunnies and, being a healthy, red-blooded female past the legal age of consent, my mind wandered next to their sexy male counterparts.

Before I knew it, visions of nearly naked men proudly displaying their bow-ties and cuffs,  and those irresistible tails that you can’t keep from reaching out and grabbing onto (uh-hummm…those would be the tails conveniently located at the front side instead of the back side),  danced through my head like sugarplum faeries…

LOL…If you want to see where it headed after THAT , here’s the quick link to that blog:

Oh YUMMY Easter Blog

On this Easter Morning, I’d like to share with everyone something equally as “yummy”, a little project some of your “Passionate Reads” authors have been working on!

I am extrememly pleased to announce that EC has just approved a new series that takes place in coastal Maine at Shadowling Manor.

The name of the series is “PASSIONS PORTAL” and the select few that are mystically drawn to Shadowling Manor pass through magickal portals  and are swept into exotic locations and erotic paranormal encounters that rate off the scale on the “Sizzle Chart”.

The authors participating with the first 5 books in this series are Brandi Evans, Nara Malone, Marilyn Campbell, Charlotte Stein and moi, Shannon Emmel so we hope you will check back for more news and info including titles, release dates and steamy hot covers!

We have tons of fun stuff planned for this series that is still in the works, including a  website where you can follow (and perhpas even chat with) the authors and the amazing magical charaters in the series.

My first contribution in the series is “Trial By Fire” which, as the title implies, deals with the element of fire.  It’s SMOKIN’ HOT and so is the magickal hero…in the sack AND in an immortal flames can’t hurt him sorta way!

My second book will be  “Buried Pleasures” and keeps with the same magickal “species” but this time the element is “Earth”.

That’s all I’m telling you for now about my books, and I invite Brandi, Nara, Marilyn & Charlotte to post a little about THEIR  books for the PASSION’S PORTAL SERIES in the comments below.

In the meantime, here’s a little “teaser” about what really happens at “Shadoling Manor”. 


NOTE: Explicit, mature content…Discretion is advised.


She began the ritual by stating the purpose of the gathering. “A lost daughter needs our guidance to find her destiny. We must open the portals of Shadowling and draw her there.”

Five members of the Brotherhood approached and stood behind the Goddesses. Brown muslin wrapped the men in secrecy. With practiced precision, each removed the robe of the woman before him.

At the first sensuous touch, the Goddess of Alchemy’s eyelids closed. Light as feathers, her consort’s fingertips trailed down her body, over her hips, her buttocks, her thighs, her mons. As her partner pushed his body closer to hers, a familiar, pulsing need bubbled to life in her lower abdomen. His hand slid between her thighs and skilled fingers pressed deep into her pussy. Like the others, she couldn’t hold back the moan that escaped her lips. With every stroke, her companion forced her closer and closer to the brink of release, just as his brethren did with the other Goddesses. Their passions rose in perfect unison, blending and coiling like sentient smoke, burning hotter and hotter, reaching out until their passions coalesced.

Only then did the she speak again. “Goddess of Earth, bring life to flower and field and tree. Goddess of Air, breathe life into all you see. Goddess of Fire, cleanse the soul, and set our daughters free. Goddess of Water, calm the raging emerald seas. Our connection is sealed.  So mote it be.”

“So mote it be,” the other Goddesses repeated as they continued feeding off each other’s sexual energy. Finally, the raw, volatile power consumed them and they erupted in simultaneous orgasm.

The surge encircled them, crackling through the temple, suspending them in pleasure. The energy from their climaxes harmonized and the portal connecting them to Shadowing Manor sizzled open, like lightning across a dark sky. The sacred manor now resonated with the powers of the Goddesses, calling to the lost one, drawing her to the place where she’d find her heart’s path, where she’d be healed, be cured, be shown life’s perfect, irrefutable truth…

Sex creates power. Sex gives life. Sex is life.

This is the legacy of Shadowling Manor.


Wishing a “Hoppy” holiday weekend to all!

Now… I’m off to do a little, research.

God, I LOVE my job!


7 Responses to “Sexy Male Bunnies…The Reprise”

  1. Marilyn Campbell April 8, 2012 at 9:07 am #

    Thanks for the opportunity to share a teaser in advance Shannon! Here’s the blurb for my Passion’s Portal tale, “Serving Nicole” –
    Nicole Claret’s abilities as an empath began awakening at puberty, and by the time she was in college, the intuitive gift had turned her into a human lie detector. That quality made her a successful private investigator but resulted in her choosing a very solitary personal life. Though occasionally consumed with sexual need, celibacy has been her only option. Since her destiny is to replace the current apprentice when she elevates within the Sisterhood of the Elemental Goddesses, however, she must give up the life she has grown accustomed to and embrace every aspect of a magickal existence.
    At Shadowling Manor her challenge and tutelage await her in the form of Brett Donahue, a high-level wizard whose specialty is sex magick. He will use his talents to teach her what she needs to know as an Alchemist, but he holds one secret back. As part of her new life, Nicole will be bound to Brett for eternity…for better or for worse.

    • shannonemmel April 8, 2012 at 9:51 am #

      Love this story! Can’t wait to see it and the follow up, “Serving Billie” up on the EC site!



  2. themightycharlottestein April 8, 2012 at 9:55 am #

    Am so excited to be a part of this with you fabulous ladies!

    The story I’m working on is Taking Flight. It’s all about an uptight heroine who has trouble letting go, and the sexy, sardonic hunk who helps her free her inner sex demon and really fly!

    • shannonemmel April 8, 2012 at 8:23 pm #

      Really looking forward to “Taking Flight”

  3. mahalia2010 April 8, 2012 at 10:45 am #

    What a delicious way to wake up on Easter morning!

  4. bettysunflower April 9, 2012 at 6:28 am #

    What a wonderful Easter “wake-up”.

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