Writing Sex. Good Sex.

28 Mar

From the title of this post you probably know what I’ve been doing for the last couple of days. Yeah…I’ve been entrenched in a couple of love/sex scenes. I know some writers who can’t wait to get to this part in a book. Others may dread the writing of them and I know some who like to leave the “good stuff” till the end :). Me? I write these scenes when it feels right and the characters are ready. Yes, okay, I am weird when it comes to my characters but this usually means it’s toward the end of a story, when all the scenes are drafted, the emotional arc is strong and the core of the relationship thread has been pulled tight.

To me writing a great sex scene isn’t really writing about sex at all. Not the choreography of it, not exactly how they “do it”, not what tab goes in which slot and when. No, it’s about the emotional journey one or both of the characters go on, what changes from the beginning to the end of the scene, what’s revealed, what level of intimacy is actually achieved. It’s all of that in varying degrees. It could be “quickie/hook-up/just met” sex, it could be “friends with benefits” sex, it could be “can’t keep our hands of each other even when it’s not a good idea” sex and it could be “full-blown loving, emotional, ready to make a committment for real” sex. Regardless, something is happening in the scene besides good humping to further the story along. And if it doesn’t? That scene isn’t really needed. At least in my opinion for great romance to be, well…great.

Each of the pictures in this post tells a story, elicits a particular emotion, I think. Yeah, they’re hot and heavy and getting it on, but they all have the potential to be at their most vulnerable during these moments. Their expressions, their body language, how they hold themselves, how they’re interacting with their partner…all of this tells a story beyond what’s happening physically. Ah…some days it’s great to be a writer!


3 Responses to “Writing Sex. Good Sex.”

  1. shannonemmel March 28, 2012 at 8:35 am #

    Well alrighty then!

    I’ve heard of 2fer Tuesdays, but I guess today it’s just a 2-4-1 special?

    VERY Special!

    Great post!
    Great Pics!
    GREAT way to start my day!


    Thanks. a LOT!



  2. Marilyn Campbell March 28, 2012 at 11:47 am #

    I may have to look at those pics a few more times to get the whole story 🙂 Great post Kaily!


  1. ah the good old days before film and tv became all about sex and viloence! « ben * ben - March 29, 2012

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