Let’s talk about VD…

12 Feb

Okay… I’ve never been a big one for Valentine’s Day, but I would ABSOLUTLY take up drinking if he was delivered to my door!

Where was I? Oh…I remember! I was about to do a blog on VD!  🙂

Seriously, I’ve always looked at Valentine’s Day as more of a “Hallmark Holiday” because I believe that the reasons we celebrate Valentine’s Day, like Christmas, should be observed EVERYDAY, not just on a few dates marked on a calendar.

As far as traditional Valentine’s Day gifts, here’s my thoughts on those (take notes, guys!):


All flowers, including roses, don’t need a special occasion to be given to a woman. In fact, getting them for no reason at all is, in my estimation, the BEST reason to receive them!

Guy Hint #1: Don’t wait for a special occasion and sure as hell don’t wait until you’ve done something WRONG to bring flowers. YOU CAN BUY THEM AT THE GROCERY STORE! The next time she sends you to the store for milk or some other mundane item, grab a small bouquet of flowers. Trust me, she WILL appreciate the gesture.


Come on people, get real! Chocolate isn’t just a special occasion romantic gesture for a woman…it’s a basic food group.

We need it. We want it. On a regular basis. Period.

Ya know…there IS a reason Godiva does little tiny gift boxes with only one or two decadent pieces in them.  It’s so we can get a quality chocolate fix when we really need it, without the risk of eating an entire bag or huge box in one sitting and then feeling guilty for all the extra calories.

Guy Hint #2: There is also a reason that a lot of places (coffee shops, bookstores, drugstores, etc.) now have displays of the aforementioned tiny gift boxes of Godiva chocolates… It’s so you can conveniently pick one up and bring it to the woman in your life for no reason other than you saw it and thought of her.



Women like sparkly things, so bring the bling! It doesn’t have to be diamonds and pearls every day of the week and yes, big ticket items can be reserved for special occasions so you don’t break the bank, but remember, women are sentimental about everyday things.

When we get bogged down with the daily routine of work and kids and school and household chores (and writing :-)), we tend to feel neglected. It would be nice to be surprised with a lasting small gift to commemorate the small things that go by so quickly.

Guy Hint #3: It may not be for everyone, but charm bracelets are great for this. “Pandora” comes to mind, so go ahead and get her the pricey bracelet for Valentine’s Day, and then add more charms to it throughout the year to remind her of the “little things” and that you are ALWAYS thinking of her.

Romantic dinner or getaway.

Please refer to all of the previous items. There IS a pattern here! Why should you WAIT to spend quality time with the people you love?

Life is too damned short.

Take the time or make the time to enjoy the people that you love. Friends, parents, kids and spouses.

All of them…all year long.

You never know how much time you have except that it is NEVER enough, so make sure you make the best of everyday…not just Valentine’s Day!

Guy Hint #4: Just DO it!

Girl Hint: Feel free to forward this post to anyone in your life who might need a reminder…or a few not so subtle hints.

Happy VD to all!


Shannon Emmel: writetome@shannonemmel.com

3 Responses to “Let’s talk about VD…”

  1. trippingdelightfantastic February 12, 2012 at 9:34 am #

    I stumbled upon your blog, and oogled my way through your delicious photos– oh, and of course your witty article. 🙂 Seriously, fun article, all true true true!!! I just wrote one myself.. i”m a new blogger, and have only 4 pieces up there. If you had a sec to check ’em out, i’d be grateful. Love constructive criticism. Thanks!!

  2. Marilyn Campbell February 12, 2012 at 12:42 pm #

    That’s some tasty beefcake. Excellent advice for all occasions!!!

  3. shannonemmel February 13, 2014 at 2:53 pm #

    Reblogged this on Passionate Reads and commented:

    Gotta LOOOOVE “VD”!

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