SexyScopes for February 2012 – Really Big News!

5 Feb

Sun in Aquarius, moving into Pisces 2/20; 2/3-Neptune moving into Pisces; 2/7-Full Moon in Leo; 2/9-Special Clue Day; 2/21-New Moon in Pisces; Mars in retrograde motion in Virgo thru 4/13; Saturn in retrograde motion in Libra thru 6/25

 February is hosting a very important astro-event. But before I explain, there’s a little work required of each of you because this month’s forecast will be figured by You as an individual regardless of your zodiac sign.

 First, think back to what you were doing in 1998, then do a quick review of the next 14 years of your life and deduce what area held the greatest challenges and upsets. Was it your work, money, health, spirituality, love or blood relationships? Wherever the greatest obstacles or trials occurred, it should help you to know that life is about to improve for you in that regard.

Since 1998, Neptune, the planet of dreams, imagination, wishes and artistic endeavors, has been shivering in icy Aquarius, the sign of technology and unemotional, grounded attachments. To say the least, this was not a comfy place for Neptune or artistic individuals, though it clearly aided the advancement of technology.

But on February 3rd, for the first time since 1862, Neptune is moving into its home sign of dreamy Pisces for a 14-year stay. Water signs (Pisces, Cancer and Scorpio) should notice the beginning of a shift the fastest, but almost everyone will be feeling an urge to move the focus from technology to the arts as the large planet moves fully into Pisces. Anyone in an artistic field who has been on the verge of giving up his or her struggle to succeed needs only to hold on a bit longer. Your turn has finally arrived! Another aspect of this once-in-a-lifetime placement is an increase in psychic phenomena and the fascination with all things mysterious. How cool is that going to be!

Meanwhile, keep in mind that Mars is in retrograde motion in restrictive Virgo through April 13, which means progress may be impeded during this restrained energy period. Ramming your head into a brick wall to force action will probably only get you a headache. On the plus side, Saturn, the Karmic Lord/lesson teacher is in retrograde motion in moderate Libra through 6/25, substantially reducing that planet’s ability to do its job of presenting challenges and pop quizzes.

Finally, because of a special alignment of planets and Neptune’s historical move, on February 9, most people should receive some sort of sign or message that will give a clue of the good things arriving in the coming decade.

So, with that information, just imagine how your life is about to improve, visualize yourself in that new life and remember to say “thank you” to the Universe when it becomes a reality.

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3 Responses to “SexyScopes for February 2012 – Really Big News!”

  1. mywithershins February 5, 2012 at 9:48 am #

    Thanks for sharing this information, It sure explains a lot!

    1998 was the worst year for my health, a year in which I had pneumonia 3 times, bronchitis twice and a host of sinus and ear infections, before my doctor finally sent me for allergy testing. Until then, I was not allergic to anything (that I knew about, except maybe grass which always made me itchy). For the few years prior to that, I had been a very prolific writer. Things slowed down around then because I re-entered the work force (or maybe it was all astrological!) Although I have written a fair amount since then, nothing can compare to the volume of work I produced before I went back to work. The years since have also taken its toll on friends and family. In 2000, I lost my grandmother and the mother of my best friend, my ‘second mom’. Five years later, it was my own mother, my father-in-law and several friends who passed away. My father passed away three years later. I am glad things are about to turn around. It’s been a lousy 14 years!

    Being a Pisces, I already notice a change in my attitude towards my writing and my other artistic abilities. I am looking forward to this next phase!

  2. Marilyn Campbell February 5, 2012 at 10:14 am #

    Thank you for sharing! For me, a Cancer, 1998 was completely life-changing in a “challenging” way. I was also a prolific writer, even made the bestseller lists, and in the blink of an eye, I was getting divorced, went bankrupt and lost my career. For a time, my children and I were homeless. I was also one of those people who struggled futilely against the advancing technology, preferring to handwrite and use a typewriter. But alas, Aquarius had its way with the world. Believe me, I am very optimistic about this shift! Good luck to you!

    • naramalone February 6, 2012 at 6:42 pm #

      Oh, wow. Good news. I’,m sure this means I’ll be able to crank out 8 books a year over the next 14 years 😉

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