SOPA / PIPA – What’s all the fuss about?

18 Jan

You may have heard about this legislation currently under consideration to stop internet piracy. The cause is valid, of course, but many have concerns with the actually wording of the bill in its current form and what implications it will have for internet censorship generally. These are not just concerns the larger sites have about limiting their actions, but there are also concerns that sites just like this one could be impacted. And shut down.

I’m not going to tell you what you should think or what you should do and hopefully this post doesn’t come across that way. I’m always for people educating themselves and making up their own mind. So in that vein, I’ve provided some links below that will allow you to do just that; read, understand, formulate.

Of course any coverage of a topic like this can be biased, so I urge you to also go out and find your own sources!

There’s a bunch of sites out there on the internet today that have gone ‘dark’ or blacked out to protest this legislation. Some are surprising, some are cool, some are downright funny and kinda crude. I think it’s been thought provoking, which is always a good thing. Here’s a taste (of course these links will all be back to ‘normal’ tomorrow so make sure you check them out TODAY):

Of course there are those out there who don’t approve the protest and think it’s a stunt, a gimmick, an irrresponsible act. But guess what? You can educate yourself and decide for YOU.

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