Crystal’s Ode to Hotties: Anson Mount

10 Jan

Here he is, the latest hottie to catch Crystal’s eye (Sooo glad I set my DVR to record Hell on Wheels!) Anson Mount, currently playing the role of Cullen Bohannan. You may remember him from Staw Dogs, or making an appearance on one of my favorites that has since been cancelled, Doll House.

Is there anything as sexy as a rugged cowboy in a trail-worn duster?

There is so much to like about Anson; that deep voice, that confident swagger, the gritty stubble on his stubbornly set jaw, the touch of silver in his hair… But mostly it’s the piercing intensity of those ice blue eyes that causes me to melt and shiver all at once.

A man who can dig a broken arrow head out of my shoulder on the open trail is all right with me!


How does he rank on your Yum meter?

One Response to “Crystal’s Ode to Hotties: Anson Mount”

  1. Jen B. January 10, 2012 at 7:18 pm #

    He ranks way up on my hot list. And I don’t even care if he’s all cleaned up or all dirtied up! Double yum!

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