Hollywood Magic

29 Dec

So far, my published novels have all been set either in or on the fringes of the entertainment industry. Growing up, I wanted to be an actress or a writer. I read voraciously and watched movies and television in brain rotting quantities. Gossip magazines and entertainment shows were my guilty pleasure, and I admit to still being drawn to them.

When I moved to New York City in 1989, I got a theatrical agent within three weeks. Had my pictures (head shots) taken. Then left New York within two months. Why? Because I found the world of acting a very harsh reality for my twenty year old self. People I didn’t know pretended to be my friends or tried to sabotage my successes. While this whirlwind experience seemed a waste at the time, the cynicism developed then provides a great foundation for my characters now.

In short, I’m writing what I know. Am I a Hollywood insider? No way! Would I want to be? Well…secretly, yes, but I know I’m a little too “real” for most A-listers to take. I tend, with Yankee frankness, to say what I think and mean what I say. I’d last about five minutes in that town. Possibly less. Still, a girl can dream about going to the Academy Awards and rubbing elbows with great directors.

Ah…directing. Now that I’m all grown up (sort of), my dreams have morphed from acting to directing. It makes perfect sense, really. With directing, I’d be in charge of the interpretation of the story coming to you on that big screen. I could create vibrant worlds from nothing. Know that the smile or scream you experienced came in part from me.

Except I’d have little creative control over content. Unless I wrote the script myself. Which sounds…and is…an awful lot like writing novels. Which is where I ended up. Ultimately, writing novles allows me to direct, act, create control, and experience my stories to an even greater degree than acting or directing.

A part of me becomes my characters as I write them. I experience their emotions. I mold their future. When I write dialogue, I hear it in my mind. Sometimes I read and act the scene I’ve written to help me hear its rhythm. On the movie screen of my mind’s eye I construct the scenery. Point of view becomes my camera angle. Lighting is the mood I paint. In short, for me it’s a fully-realized sensory and emotional experience by the time you hold the resulting pages.

When you read my work you bring to the story your own experiences. Your own camera angles and moods. My job as an author is to bring us as close together as possible for the duration of the story, while still allowing you to experience what is important for your journey. If, as individuals with separate lives and experiences, we are too far apart, you probably won’t like my genre or my story. When we click, however, it’s as if a grand romance begins between us and we waltz together across the page from beginning to end.

No experience could be better, richer, or more full of Hollywood magic. So, yeah. I’m glad I ended up here, dancing with you.

~ Tibby

One Response to “Hollywood Magic”

  1. Paul (@princejvstin) December 29, 2011 at 4:16 pm #

    I had no idea, Tibby. Fascinating!

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