What I’m Reading

27 Dec

This year, instead of going home to Florida to visit my family, I stayed in Alaska to write. I’m getting a ton done, but it’s sort of a bummer to be so far away from family this time of year. Though I’m trying to keep to a strict work schedule (no sleeping in!), I have been indulging in plenty of romance reading in the evenings. So, thought I’d share what I’ve been reading lately.

Scarlet Widow, by Debra Glass. I adore Debra Glass’s erotic historical romance and this is next on my “to read” list.

Submitting to the Rake, by Em Brown. I haven’t read anything by this author, but the cover for this one is pretty steamy! No excerpt up yet, but I’m definitely keeping an eye out for it!

Heart of Steel, by Meljean Brook. Wickedly imaginative steampunk!

The Sentinel Mage, by Emily Gee. This is a fantasy with a hint of romance. And I loved, loved, loved it! (I think Gee is a really underappreciated author.)

Notorious Pleasures, by Elizabeth Hoyt, who writes some of the hottest historical romance around. Meow!

Here’s hoping you have lots of time to read over the holidays! And if you’ve read something lately that you’ve really enjoyed, tell us about it!

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